What Is Rotten Flesh Used For In Minecraft?

What is the purpose of rotting meat in Minecraft?

Minecraft offers an enchanting world full of wonderful things to explore and the possibility to create anything you can dream of. However, there are times when the more painful parts of survival come up and the player struggles to stay alive in Minecraft, relying on some pretty gruesome tactics.

While the Minecraft experience focuses on the creative aspects, like crafting, the survival aspect is always present.One of the most disgusting things you can do in Minecraft is eat rotten meat to improve your health. However, there is a good chance that the player will go hungry.

Rotten meat can be obtained from drowned, zombies, zombie horses and zombie villagers. Each of them stores 0-2 units of rotting meat.

What do you do with rotting meat in Minecraft?

Once obtained rotten meat is used to make food, breed wolves and trade.

Eating rotten meat

Eating rotten meat minecraft

Players can eat rotten meat to satisfy their hunger if they let it rise for 30 seconds.Eating rotten meat restores 4 times hunger and 0.8 times satiety, but has an 80% chance of causing hunger for 30 seconds. Note that the duration is not cumulative if you eat multiple pieces. So by eating rotten meat several times, a player can “overcome” the hunger effect that is likely to occur.

Wolf Breeding

wolf breeding minecraft 2021

A more productive use of rotting meat is to breed and care for the domesticated wolves that exist in the Minecraft world. Wolves are immune to the effects of starvation.


Cash For Rotten Flesh minecraft rotten meat

Rotten meat can also be used for trading with first level village clerics. In exchange for 32 pieces of rotten meat, they will offer you an emerald.

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