What is more kid friendly Minecraft or Roblox?

Today’s digital environment is different from what most parents experienced when we were children. That’s why it’s important for families to educate ourselves as we set our own household rules for online gaming time and environments.

At Connected Camps, we not only develop and operate fantastic camps, clubs and courses where your children can join and learn through engaging Minecraft and Roblox online games. We are also engaged in ongoing research into learning and social development in online spaces. We network and collaborate with other leaders in the connected learning space and want to share the benefit of our knowledge with you.



Roblox is a newer version of a sandbox game closer to the gaming platform. It is an assortment of games that have been developed on the Roblox platform. Roblox is not the game itself but rather the platform that enables other games. Users create their own accounts and decide which game they would like to play with the character.

Roblox has a unique way of looking at graphics. Combine low quality graphics with high resolution components; however, it’s more of a LEGO feel. The characters in the game are also modeled after LEGO people, with a greater degree of graphic design. Roblox allows users to explore and interact with objects around the world, forming communities and developing their concepts.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a computer game in which players explore a 3D world made up of blocks. Although it is a 3D game, the block structure gives it a very simple look and feel. While this may seem like a detriment, it’s actually a benefit. Makes the game less stressful to render on computers and kids like the older graphic style.

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Minecraft is a sandbox game, which means there is no defined required storyline to complete and everything is unlocked at the start of the game. There is nothing your child has to do to keep the game going. Instead, they can build and explore freely using all of the game right from the start. The exception to this is anything that is a purchasable upgrade or requires a specific event in the game. However, you can take advantage of the upgrades from the start without having to go through another part of the story first.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a free online social platform that hosts a variety of games and allows users to participate in them by offering them a chat system. To explain in simple words, Roblox itself is not a game, it is a place where people flock to play games made by other developers.

The factor that makes Robolox unique from anything else in the gaming industry is that all games are made by its users. This is a platform where users have much more fun making a game than playing it. The official Roblox website boasts that its users have published over 20 million games on the platform, which is an insanely huge number.

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