What is Minecraft’s oldest block?

  1. Just like in the video game, People Blocks are easy to stack.
  2. People Blocks are magnetic on some sides, so teach kids through trial and error how magnets work. STEM design at its best, getting kids thinking about how they’ll place the block to connect to another, just like in Minecraft.
  3. People blocks are very similar to Minecraft blocks.
  4. Little ones can use the people blocks to build similar Minecraft worlds – they also work well with other building blocks and Minecraft Lego.
  5. People Blocks is excellent for younger siblings to learn to build and builds a common interest with older siblings who like Minecraft.
  6. People blocks are stackable just like Minecraft blocks.
  7. People Blocks is very addictive with many different combinations to create cars, cities and more, just like in Minecraft.

Improved enchantment table setup

Shelves are a necessity to get better enchantments through the enchantment tables in Minecraft. When an enchanted table is surrounded by bookshelves within a block distance, it will start giving better enchantments.

Shelves are essential for enchanting items and obtaining librarian villagers in Minecraft. If you have any questions about the library, feel free to ask in the comments!

Did you know?

Gold ore is dropped from gold ore when broken by an iron or better pickaxe. Ore does not drop anything when mined with any other tool.

Beacon is classified as a rare block in Minecraft. Players require three materials to craft this block: glass, obsidian blocks, and Nether Star.

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After you get your mycelium blocks, you will mainly use them to create a space for mushrooms to grow. Typically, you can only farm mushrooms in the dark on other blocks. Mycelium, on the other hand, allows you to grow mushrooms in darker or lighter areas of your choice. You can also grow huge mushrooms on Mycelium by placing a small mushroom and using bone meal.

Mycelium’s main drawback is that you can’t use a hoe to turn it into farmland. This disadvantage makes it useless for other types of farming besides mushroom picking. One good thing, however, is that other crops like melons and pumpkins won’t grow on mycelium blocks if you’re playing the Bedrock Edition. With this, you can create a barrier without placing fences or other separation blocks.

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