What is Minecraft rarest thing?




Beacons are the brightest blocks in Minecraft. It is one of the more difficult items to craft in the game. Not only do they give your character powerful upgrades and buffs, but they also help you find your way back home. However, there’s only one way to craft a lighthouse in Minecraft, as it requires incredibly rare materials. Players need ingredients like obsidian, glass, and Nether Star to create lighthouses. Of which Nether Star is another hard to get item. You have to kill wither to get Nether Star. Read this How to kill Wither in Minecraft.

Golden Apple is one of the useful items in Minecraft commonly known as Notch Apple or God Apple. This magical food grants players the Absorption I effect which offers two hearts of gold as armor. It also provides the eater with a Regeneration II effect, helping to heal every 0.4 seconds. The golden apple can be crafted with 8 gold bars.

Rarest Items in Minecraft

A note, before we begin: This article mainly focuses on the rare blocks you can get in Survival mode in Minecraft. The rare blocks that are obtained only through the Give command in creative mode are mentioned below. That said, go ahead!


Elytra are probably one of the most popular game items that all players want to get handy, in how much can be obtained only during the end of the game. Elytra are extremely rare as it is probably the hardest item to get to in the first place.

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To obtain elytra, players must find a stronghold, enter the end portal to travel to the end, defeat the ender dragon, travel to the Outside the End Islands, avoid all the enderman mobs, locate an End City, and ride the End Ship on top of the End City.

Did you know?

Heart of the Sea’s sole purpose is to create the Conduit, which is an underwater beacon that attacks hostile mobs underwater and provides underwater breathing, night vision, and haste to players swimming nearby.

The Totem of the Eternal is an extremely useful item, but quite rare. Technically, Minecraft lists the Totem of the Immortal as uncommon rarity, however, woodland mansions are hard to come by. Woodland Mansions spawns tens of thousands of blocks away from the spawn point and only in Dark Forests or Dark Forest Hills. However, if a player manages to find a Woodland Mansion, killing an Evoker (the enemies of Woodland Mansion) will always result in a Totem of Undying drop. Summoners also appear in Raids from Wave 5 and up. Once a Totem of the Undying is used, it is destroyed and the player must obtain another one.

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