What is lowest diamond spawn?

In most versions of Minecraft, diamonds spawned at a depth of Y=16 to Y=0, and Y=11-12 was considered the best level for diamond mining.

Height zero has ceased to be the lowest level in the game and the generation of most resources has also changed levels.

The best pickaxe spells for mining diamonds

There are some spells you can add to your pickaxe to not only make the search for diamond ore faster, but also to get more diamonds for each mineral mined. You should also always use a diamond pickaxe for maximum speed and durability. Focus your pickaxe spells in this order:

  1. Luck (III): Luck increases the amount of items dropped when mining or excavating. Having it on your pickaxe means you will receive more diamonds. Having Fortune I gives a 33% chance of dropping 2 diamonds, Fortune II will give a 25% chance of getting 2 or 3 diamonds, and Fortune III will give a 20% chance of landing 2, 3 or 4 diamonds.
  2. Efficiency (V): By adding the Efficiency spell to your pickaxe, you will greatly increase the speed at which you mine. You will be able to dig tunnels and corridors much faster.
  3. Unbreaking (III): Add Unbreaking to your pickaxe and it will last much longer in the mines. Doesn’t increase the health of your pickaxe, but does increase the chance that it won’t lose durability when used. Works well with Mending.
  4. Healing (I): This spell cannot be rewarded at a spell table. Instead, you must find it by searching chests, fishing, or trading. The way it works is that every time you collect experience orbs, the orbs will go to repair a tool that has the repair enchantment instead of your experience bar. This means that your Picaxe will be virtually invincible as mineral resources like coal give experience.
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Find gold by exploring caves

Cave exploration, also called caving, requires less time and less tools than normal mining. However, it might be dangerous as caves give you more chances to fight with monsters.

To find diamond ores when entering caves, look for entrances above ground. Mine and work up to level 15 and below.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft on PS4

There is no difference between the PS4 version of Minecraft and the PC/Mac game. To find diamonds when playing on a PS4, you need to mine between levels 0 and 16 on your Y axis. Level 12 will increase your odds of finding diamond veins faster.

However, some players choose level 11 for more security. At level 11, you get floor-level lava. Therefore, when you engage in branch mining, you are less likely to end up in a lava river and die.

How to mine diamonds

The first thing you need to know before delving into the deep recesses of your Minecraft map is how to mine diamond ore. To mine diamonds, players will need an Iron Pickaxe. Follow the steps below to craft an iron pickaxe.

  1. Find Iron Ore – Iron is quite common and can be found in any cave or simply by digging into the ground.
  2. Smelt Iron Ore: Before you can use the iron you just mined, it must be smelted. Simply place the iron ore in a furnace and some fuel such as coal, charcoal or wood. The result is an iron ingot.
  3. Craft Iron Pickaxe – After smelting some iron ore, take three iron ingots and two sticks and place them in a pickaxe-shaped crafting table. The output will then be an iron pickaxe.
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