What is F8?

We always want to make sure that the correct ranges are selected in Excel. Wrong selection, as we already know, can lead to costly mistakes. To avoid this kind of unpleasant situation, it is essential to be able to make precise and quick selections in Excel. The Microsoft Excel team has come up with a key that helps you with your selections. That key is F8. What does it do? Let’s look at an example.

What is the F8 key on HP laptop?

The function key is often used to enter Windows Safe Mode by accessing the Windows Start Menu. A CD that contains a Windows installation can be used by some computers to access the Windows recovery system. The macOS thumbnail image shows a list of all workspaces.

You can select one of the options by pressing the up or down arrow keys. Function keys do not have to be pressed to use the actions printed on them. Consequently, pressing f8 lowers the sound as it appears on the key, for example. By pressing both fn and f8, you can maximize the performance of your web browser.

Scroll in direct messages

This is a reference to direct messages (DMs). On various social media platforms with the feature, such as Twitter or Instagram, it is a convenient feature that allows for private conversations with one person. The sliding going on here implies that the conversation is moving from a public post to this private tête-à-tête, and this is most often done in pursuit of sex. That’s right: when you hear this, it most likely describes a suave ploy that aims to foster a relationship and hopefully be smooth. However, if you’re doing it and it’s unwarranted or unwanted, stop it, you creep. Read the room and don’t harass others, but sometimes it might be worth a try.

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I am the biggest monster. They always try to slip into DMs.


Ami Vora, WhatsApp VP Product Management

Business Catalog People and businesses find WhatsApp a great way to connect. In the coming months, people will be able to see a business catalog right inside WhatsApp when they chat with a business. With catalogs, companies can showcase their products so people can easily discover them.

Enter Safe Mode when Windows does not start normally

Safe Mode loads with a minimal set of programs and drivers. If Windows cannot start normally, you will have no problem entering safe mode, because you can restart your PC twice and go to the automatic repair screen from where you can enter safe mode.

  • Make sure your PC is turned off, then press and hold the power button until your computer shuts down. Repeat this about two or three times (to activate the boot-repair mechanism) until the Preparing Self-Repair screen appears.

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