What is error BLZBNTBNA00000012?

In this guide, you will find How to fix Call Of Duty Warzone Pacific BLZBNTBNA00000012 error that won’t start on PC.

1- First, you will have to change your region, you can do it by pressing a button in front of Warzone and then try to start the game.

Warzone Pacific or Battle.Net Error BLZBNTBNA00000012 Fix

As mentioned above, there are several fixes for this issue, but if you are getting this error right after the Pacific update or in the days afterward, the following is the most viable solution. Now, with these solutions, there is always the possibility that it won’t work for some users. Unfortunately, in that case, you may need to do some thorough troubleshooting. So, here is the solution to fix Warzone Pacific or Battle.Net error BLZBNTBNA00000012.

  1. Go to the folder where the game is installed. You can simply press the settings icon/cogwheel and choose “Show in explorer”
  2. Create a new folder and move the entire “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” game folder there.
  3. Now, restart the Battle.net client and Warzone should show up as Install instead of Play. Do not install the game, instead, click on the text under Install that says “Locate the game”.
  4. Now browse and point the game to the warzone folder you placed in the folder we created.
  5. After doing this, the Battle.Net client will initialize and the game should run.
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How can you fix the Blzbntbna00000012 error?

In order for the solutions to be a once and for all error and you can continue enjoying your game, you can try what is the method to be described below. So, take note of them and apply what fits your reality.

A time crash in Battle.net modules (specifically, the Update Agent) can cause the Blzbntbna00000012 error in Warzone. In this case, reinitializing the Battle.net client after closing all processes related to the tile administrator may solve the problem.

Rename your profile folder

Rename your profile folder in case one of your game settings is causing the problem. This will remove all your game settings and change them to their default values:

  • Open File Explorer and go to My Documents folder
  • Right click on the Modern warfare folder and rename it to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare backup (if this doesn’t fix the problem you can delete the new folder and rename the backup folder to the original name Call Of Duty Modern Warfare)

Fix COD Error BLZBNTBNA00000012

The error is accompanied by the error code BLZBNTBNA00000012. Now, this error can be frustrating as you are unable to play your favorite game. If you are one of the affected users experiencing the same error then this guide is for you. In this post, we will mention several working fixes that will let you resolve the error.

Before we get to the solutions, let’s try to understand the scenarios that could trigger the error.

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