What is an Allay and what is it used for?

What is an Allay and what is it used for? How to tame them? How to duplicate them?

all about allay minecraft allay find and use

We will show you everything you need to know about the Allay, where to find them, how to tame an Allay, their main function, how to duplicate them and what you can do with them.

What are the functions of an Allay? What is its purpose in Minecraft?

The Allay is a peaceful creature whose function is to help players. Its main function is to collect items, in simple words it is like a wireless item collector.

minecraft 1.19 allay item recollection

How does the collection of items by an Allay work? If the player drops an object the Allay will start searching for identical objects around 60 blocks away collecting all the items that are on the ground to take them to the player.

You have to keep in mind that the Allay don’t duplicate items, they can’t take items from chests and they don’t mine or cut for the player, they only pick up items that are on the ground and give them to you.

Note that even if they try to pick up items that are underwater, they will not succeed as they cannot enter the water.

You can link the Allay to a block of notes and as with the Warden a sound wave will appear indicating that the Allay has linked to the block of notes.

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allay recolection music box

Linking the Allay to the note block causes the Allay to start bringing the found items to the note block instead of bringing them to the player. They will leave the items next to the note block.

mechanic allay music box recolecftion redstone

If you don’t pick up the items in 30 seconds, they will be brought back to the player, so you can make some mechanism with Redstone so that the note block is constantly ringing and the Allay carries items continuously.

How many items can an Allay collect?

The Allay only has one space in his inventory which allows him to carry up to 64 items depending on the item, because if we give him an ender pearl he will only carry a maximum of 16 and swords he will only carry one in his hand and pick up another one in his inventory.

How much health does an Allay have?

Allay have only 10 hearts of life. If they take damage they go into panic mode and will fly erratically and start regenerating automatically at a rate of one heart per second.

If the Allay dies while holding an immortality totem, the totem is destroyed but the Allay regains full health.

Allay are peaceful and lack any kind of attack.

Players can’t harm their Allay but other mobs can, keep in mind that if it dies and it has an item in its hand it will drop it.

Where to find the Allay?

how do you find allay in Minecraft?

It is a very special creature because you can only find an Allay in the Pillager outpost and in the forest mansions always as prisoners inside these cage-like structures.

allay prisioners

In each cage can appear from one to three Allay. Note that not all mansions are generated with prisons so there will be structures that do not have any Allay.

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seed for allay

We leave you a seed for Minecraft 1.19 in which you can find Allay, we also leave you the coordinates:

Seed: -8154662500242640117 . Spawn near pillager outpost with two allay. Coordinates: (59,62,-392)

How to transport an Allay in Minecraft? How to tame an allay?

After you give an item to the Allay by right clicking on it, it belongs to you.

You can use a rope to carry it but the best way is to give it an item, which will make the Allay look for the item to give it to you.

The allay will follow you everywhere until it finds you and gives you the item. You can move several blocks away and although slowly, the Allay will reach you.

The Allay can follow the player even if he can’t see it, as long as the player doesn’t move more than 64 blocks away.

How to duplicate the Allay?

Now with only one Allay you can have as many as you want because they are duplicated, not reproduced, to duplicate the Allay you will need a disc player and obviously a disc to play.

When the music starts to play the allay will do a dance animation and at that moment we will give it an amethyst fragment and we will have two allays.

music box duplicate allay

You can repeat this as many times as you want with only a five minute waiting time.

As you can see the Allay can be very useful in authentic farms and crops as well as mechanisms such as motion sensors and secret entrances.

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