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More than 600,000 people in Italy are affected by thrombosis every year. A sneaky disease, which very often manifests itself when it is already in its most acute phase, if not even irreversible. The best cure remains prevention, with science and common sense. A message that Alt, the Association for the Fight against Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Diseases – Onlus  has been supporting for more than 35 years and which it renews on the occasion of World Thrombosis Fighting Day 2022, the World Thrombosis Day, scheduled for Thursday 13 October. Diseases caused by thrombosis are called myocardial infarction, stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep or superficial vein thrombosis, arterial thrombosis. Diseases affecting “noble” organs: heart, brain, lung. We call them by the name of the organ they affect, but they are always caused by the formation of a thrombus, an inopportune blood clot that forms in a point and at a time when it shouldn’t have formed: in an artery, in a vein, heart. Taken together, thrombosis diseases are the leading cause of death and serious disability in all civilized countries: they affect twice as many tumors. Thrombosis is not a world for old people: it also affects young people and even children, dramatically destroying the life and quality of life of the patient and her loved ones. «Excessive and long-lasting stress ruins our health. Focusing on reality, looking for solutions, changing the approach to life, starting to walk, run, dance, ride a bicycle, go up and down the stairs are easy solutions, accessible to all and help relieve stress. We have to start over: we have to become aware that we can do without many things, but certainly not our health. We must protect it, not throw it away, not wait to get sick to understand what it’s worth if we have the privilege of having it. We can change, if we decide we want to, if we can afford it. ALT strongly believes in the importance of prevention and health care, has been fighting for this since 1987, the year in which it was founded: it has done so until today, to make available to all the fundamental information to stay healthy, if we have the privilege to be! – explains Dr. Lidia Rota Vender, President of ALT – Association for the Fight against Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Diseases – Onlus.

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Alt’s Agenda

Option 3: Insert A with Accent in Word

​​NOTE: You can easily type “a with Accents ” in Word using option 1 (Alt code for Windows) or option 2 (shortcut for Mac). However, if you want to explore other ways to insert these characters into your Word document, keep learning.

Besides using the alt code method, there are two other ways to insert the “a” with accents in Microsoft Word. One involved using the Insert Symbol dialog, and the other involved using a keyboard shortcut that only works in Word.

Accented capital E, how to do the È

Accented capital E is often indicated with E’ on the web: nothing could be more wrong. The key combination to use is Alt + 212 or Alt +0200. That is, just hold down the Alt key and then type the numbers indicated on the numeric keypad. And the result is: It is. For capital letters with an acute accent, the combination is Alt + 144 or Alt + 0201. In the diagram at the bottom we report all the special characters relating to capital E.

The capital A with grave accent is created with Alt + 0192, for the capital A with acute accent the key combination is Alt + 193, for the A with caret it is Alt + 0194. Once you learn the right shortcuts just a moment.

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