What is a sniffer from Minecraft?

The Sniffer is said to be an ancient addition to the Minecraft Mobs, having existed much longer before any other mobs knew players. However, in the promotional video before the crowd vote results, the players strongly hinted at the extinction of the species. Players will have to dive deep into an underwater city, or potentially an ancient city biome, given the age of the species, to bring Sniffer Eggs to the overworld. There’s currently no information on how the eggs will hatch, but if they act like chicken eggs, you’ll be hatching them in no time.

There’s a utility to these new mobs besides being pretty sweet. Sniffers are plant fanatics, but don’t tend to like plants in the current Minecraft ecosystem. So instead, they’ll sniff out ancient plant remains that players haven’t experienced and bring them to the surface. The player will then be able to grow seeds and harvest a number of new plants, which have yet to be announced. Given the life span of standard wheat seeds, the idea of ​​new plants to grow is one reason the Sniffer was so popular.

When will the Sniffer be added to Minecraft?

No official release date for the Sniffer has been shared by Mojang yet, but based on previous models, the Sniffer is very likely to arrive in the next big Minecraft update.

Minecraft’s next big update is 1.20, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

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How to spawn or find the sniffer

Most likely sniffers won’t spawn in Minecraft. This is because they are an ancient crowd that is supposed to have died out. So now that this mob is being added to the game, this mob will be a rare encounter, especially considering it’s back from extinction. But what you can do is hatch them from their eggs.

You can find Snuff Eggs in the underwater ruins, more precisely from the chests there. So make sure you are well equipped because when you go in search of these eggs, there is a high chance of encountering Drowned.

Sniffing a Brighter Tomorrow


If the giant nose and mossy coat haven’t tipped you off, the Sniffer’s main shtick revolves around plants and smells. The Sniffer is able to capture the scent of particular plants and hunt down their buried seeds, exhuming them for your benefit. Plus, when a Sniffer successfully tracks down a seed, he’ll shove its whole head into the ground and dig it up, which is just the cutest thing ever.

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