What is a god weapon in Minecraft?

Reinforced Iron Armor: As strong as diamond armor.

Hermes boots: they make you run so fast.


New Features of the Weapons of God Mod

  • Updated regularly
  • The modified version has sharper colors and images
  • So, keep the weapons and armor from previous versions. Just add new weapons and armor
  • Includes new more powerful weapons to make the game more realistic
  • It also introduces new armor to make users more protected beings
  • Combining more weapons players become more powerful, destructive and strong
  • Combining different armors makes users better armored beings
  • Images can be enlarged or reduced on the screen
  • Then, the images can be zoomed in or out on the screen
  • The game can be played by a player, by another player present or by multiple players across networks

This weapon set was created by the Gods with the power to use Frost, Shock and Fire at the same time. You must learn the steel forge to create an arcane forge and thereby improve. This weapon set was created by the gods with the power to use frost, shock and fire at the same time. So, you have to learn the steel forge in order to create an arcane forge and thereby improve.


Once you’ve enchanted your bow with Power (ideally Power V), the next step in your mind should be to get Unbreaking on the same bow. Our tutorial on how to combine spells in Minecraft can be found at the end of this guide.

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Since there is only one version of the bow in the game, the wooden bow is both the strongest and the weakest variant. But even then, a full durability bow doesn’t last that long, and you really don’t want to lose the bow you spent so long enchanting. It is for this reason that Unbreaking is absolutely indispensable on any weapon or tool, and especially on the bow.


  • Protection IV, Repair and Unbreakable III
  • Water Affinity – Allows you to mine and dig underwater at normal speed. Without this spell, you draw 5 times slower while swimming.
  • Breathing III – Extends breathing time underwater by 45 seconds. You will be able to swim underwater for longer periods of time when using this spell.
  • Protection IV, Mending and Unbreaking III
  • No need to add other enchantments.

How to install:

How to download and install Mods with Minecraft Forge How to download and install Fabric Mod

For Minecraft 1.7.10

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