What is a bunch of Endermen called?

Minecraft Enderman is a very mysterious creature, tall, black and mostly neutral mobs that mostly stay away from both players and other mobs.

To facilitate this distance, Endermen are able to teleport and also have the ability to pick up placed blocks.



For many players, finding Endermen is the biggest problem. In the base edition of Minecraft, they seem to spawn much less often than they do in the Java edition. Different versions of the game have also had different spawn rates of this particular mob, though that’s attributed to a bug and not a change in the game’s core mechanics. Endermen spawn in mobs of five, but disappear quickly, so you may have to hunt several nights before you have all the pearls you need.


I have to say that the Endermen are really creepy. They are crowd neutral and as long as you don’t look at them or attack them, they are fine. It’s when you provoke them that they start shaking, their face changes and they screech like a demon as they teleport all over the place. It’s not impossible to kill them, however endermen are one of those monsters that are harder to kill. What I find quite nice is their ability to collect random blocks. In rare cases, if you wear a pumpkin on your head, they might take it.

  • A group of Endermen is called an “infestation” of Endermen.
  • The name Enderman is a reference to Slenderman.
  • Most Endermen sounds are real people saying “Hello”, “Hi” or “What’s up?” inverted, slowed down and distorted.
  • Will always drop enderpearls when killed by an iron golem.
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Minecraft Enderman in the Overworld dimension

Enderman’s spawn level is seven or lower than that of light in the Overworld dimension, indicating that he is wandering or in caves. You can also blend them in the desert biome.

Enderman are thought to have a distinct dimensional home on the surface of the End, where they usually spawn under the group name “Haunting”. A party of four Minecraft endgame characters can spawn at once. The reproductive light level must be eleven or less than that of Enderman in the end dimension.

Carrying blocks around

Enderman carrying blocks (image via. Minecraft wiki)

Another peculiar characteristic of the Endermen is their habit of breaking and carrying around certain blocks when they are around. They are the only mobs in the game that can carry blocks with both hands. Sometimes they will even establish the block.

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