What is a blue wither?

Obsidian is the strongest brittle block available in Minecraft. The explosion resistance of obsidian is 6000 units. For your information, explosion resistance indicates how easily a block can break or be destroyed. By way of comparison, the blast resistance of a block of cobblestone is 30 and is considered fairly blast resistant. TNT has an explosive power of about fifty. So breaking obsidian is almost impossible using TNT.

Multiple TNT blocks placed in a row will only increase the area of ​​their damage and not the power of the explosion. Stacked TNT blocks do not stack damage.



Bedrock blocks are present in the 5 lowest rows of the Overworld. They are virtually indestructible and cannot be breached unless certain tricks are applied.

These blocks can only be destroyed in creative mode. Even the TNTs are unable to destroy the End Portal let alone the Wither.

Prepare to fight the Wither

With the items needed to perform the summon, it’s time to prepare for battle. There are a lot of strategies out there, including swarming the Wither with bees, but our guide will assume you plan to face the Wither head-on in an open battlefield.

That said, the Wither has two phases. During the first stage, the Wither will hover in the air shooting the player with wither skulls causing explosions that damage the ground. Ranged weapons, good aim and quick thinking will be needed during this part of the fight. High-end enchanted bows and crossbows are our recommendation for weapon choice.

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Wither Skull:

The image above is an example of a Wither Skull. This is different than a skeletal skull. The Wither skull causes two types of explosions. The first is black and the second is blue. The black color explodes with a blast level of 1, and the blue color explodes at the same level but causes more destruction to the surrounding environment and terrain. While it deals a lot of damage, it still cannot break bedrock, Jigsaw blocks, or finish portal blocks.

In relation to this blog, this subtitle is one of the most important things for all gamers. Before fighting the Wither mob, there are a few steps we need to take and keep in mind. As stated earlier, wither mob is one of the terrible and dangerous obstacles for the players. So, as players, we must keep in mind that, while spawning, it will be in an inactive state.

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