What is 1.18 seed Minecraft?

With the new Cliffs and Caves Part 2, the developers have optimized the engine for both editions to allow “World Seeds” to work within each other. In short, this means that from now on most World Seeds will work in both editions of Minecraft. You can refer to the edition used by the creators on this page. That said, here are the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds for Bedrock and Java editions:

  1. Huge lake with all biomes nearby
  2. Meadow surrounded by epic mountains and a couple of villages nearby
  3. Jungle Cove ~200 blocks from the Spawn
  4. Spawn’s large island with a cave system under it
  5. Huge mountains, caves, mushroom biomes near the Spawn
  6. Masterpiece mountains
  7. Huge cliffs and stony peaks
  8. A large flying island in a windswept savannah
  9. Huge natural waterfall near Spawn
  10. Huge cave with mine
  11. Bonus: a very epic new seed for Minecraft Java 1.18

How to use a Minecraft seed?

Before we dive into exploring some of the best seeds that Minecraft 1.19 has to offer, let’s go over the basics – how to use a seed. If you’re already a Minecraft pro, you can skip this part.

If you are new to Minecraft, you will have two options for creating a world. The first is as simple as tapping the “New World” button and generating a seed at random. The second option is to enter a seed (ideally one of the ones we’ll cover below) and use it.

Mountain Peak

This seed contains some amazing mountains with incredible views. You are born in a savannah biome right next to a village. Nearby is a large mountain surrounding a small wooded basin. This makes for a really cool place to build your base or, if you prefer, dive into some caving. This leads to the other really interesting part of this suit. Deep beneath the mountain lies the new Ancient City, just waiting for you to explore.

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Seed: 633155865

Un grande caverne de spéléothème à l’air libre

Les cavernes de spéléothème sont un ajout de la mise à jour 1.17, préparez-vous à les découvrir comme ne les avez jamais vues avec la génération de la 1.18. These are realistic versions of caves that are replicas of pointed drip and similar structures. Les spéléothème pointus sont censés reproduire les stalactites et stalagmites des grottes réelles. Mais si vous ne les avez pas encore découverts, ne vous inquiétez pas. This graine de Minecraft 1.19 et 1.18 est la pour ça.

Contrairement à la plupart des cavernes de dripstone, elle est au niveau de la surface et est exposée. Pour la trouver rendezvous aux coordinates X: -31, Y: 73, Z: 749.


  • Seed: 883950225
  • Credit: Reddit
  • Offspring: 33 94 38

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