What is 0xc000012d error?

Fix Game Pass error 0x00000001 on Xbox

  1. Reset Game Services and App Installer apps.
  2. Please reinstall Microsoft Game Services.
  3. Install Windows Update.
  4. Check for updates to the Xbox app.
  5. Repair the Xbox app.
  6. Reset Microsoft Store app and Xbox.
  7. Install the game from the Microsoft Store (if applicable).
  8. Flush DNS.

Solution 1– Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Running the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool helps eliminate unwanted errors and also improves performance. Here are the steps to run windows memory diagnostic tool:

1: Go to windows search option and search for windows memory diagnostic tool, from the search result select memory diagnostic tool windows memory windows memory.

Boot your computer in safe mode to fix error 0xc0000142

Booting your device in safe mode will close any non-essential applications or software while Windows is starting up.

This will ensure that only the most essential applications are running as only safe drivers will be running. While your PC is in safe mode, non-essential aspects are disabled.

How to fix Yuzu Emulator WerFault.exe application error?

Errors are a normal part of anything electronic. The same goes for the Yuzu emulator. The above mentioned error is short for Windows Error Reporting Fault, a process used by different applications to report errors. In the case of Yuzu, this error occurs due to lack of RAM. You can fix this by increasing the size of your page file. Here are some steps you can follow to do that:

  • In the taskbar search bar, type “Advanced system”.
  • Click on View advanced system settings
  • This should open System Properties
  • Here, click on the Advanced tab
  • In the Performance section, click click on the Settings button
  • This will open the Performance Options
  • Here, click on the Advanced tab
  • In the Virtual Memory section, click on the Change button
  • Uncheck the option “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”
  • Select the Windows system drive
  • Choose Custom size
  • Change the value Initial size and the value Maximum size in a higher value
  • Click Set
  • Finally, click Apply followed by OK when prompted.
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How to fix the application error?

See how:

  1. Access the Android settings and enter the application menu.
  2. Search for the app that is giving you problems and access your configuration.
  3. Verás que has a button that puts ‘Forzar detención’. Púlsalo y habrás detenido para complete la app.

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