What if Roblox bans you for no reason?

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Jan 2023

How not to get banned on Roblox

The game or server moderator can ban you for various reasons, such as using offensive terms or breaking rules. When you get banned, you will be kicked out of the game and will not be able to rejoin. Note that there are different levels of bans on Roblox. If the violation is minor, you will receive a warning or a temporary ban. It could be a 1 day, 3 day, 7 day or even 14 day ban. In case your offense is serious and involves scamming, phishing, hacking or violates federal law, you will be permanently banned from the platform.

What are alerts in Roblox?

Based on the official Roblox fandom, a warning “is a type of account suspension where the account is disabled, but can be reactivated immediately by agreeing to the Roblox terms of service.”

You will receive a warning for minor offenses such as inappropriate jokes or offensive words.

Banned from Roblox? Here’s what you can do

A Roblox ban isn’t legally binding, but it’s generally effective if the required amount of time is set. If you violate the Terms of Use or otherwise violate the terms of use, your account may be permanently terminated. If you think your account has been banned by mistake, you can contact Roblox support.

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How long can you be banned?

There are nine types of bans that you can remove from the game for a certain period of time or permanently. Three of them are not that serious as they are 1 day ban, 3 day ban and 1 week ban. Be patient and play a different game than Roblox while waiting for your ban to end. The most innocuous ban is the In-experience ban where you get kicked from a particular game. The severe bans are poison ban where you can get a 1 year or permanent ban, account deletion where not only you get banned but also your account is gone, and invalid credential ban when your IP address is blocked so you can’t enter the game from your current address and finally the MAC address ban where you can’t play Roblox from the device you were banned from.

You may think you’ve been banned from Roblox for no reason, but make sure you haven’t broken any of their rules before contacting Roblox appeals. Because the nature of your ban may be unfair and flawed, you may not get your ban lifted even if you did nothing wrong. In that case, you can open another account if you have not received an IP or MAC address ban.

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