What horror game has the most jump scares?

Metroid Prime

This might be more personal, but Metroid Prime scared the shit out of me as a kid. You spend most of the game playing normally, exploring a hostile planet, finding upgrades and killing some space pirates and other enemies along the way, until you come across a secret laboratory that happens to be where new Metroids are being developed.


JAWS: Ben Gardner’s Boat

Believe it or not, there are still people who have yet to experience the groundbreaking 1975 blockbuster that made Steven Spielberg a household name – and when they finally get the chance, this scene still manages to get their popcorn flying. It helps Spielberg and his team take a less-is-more approach to their portrayal of the 25-foot killer Great White, thanks to buggy effects that rarely worked. Because of this, we haven’t had clear glimpses of the shark up until this point, leaving the public on constant alert for the predator to reveal itself. The scene also takes place at night and underwater, so we’re already filled with dread of what might be lurking in total darkness. But it’s not the shark that provides the film’s biggest surprise: it’s the bloated body of fisherman Ben Gardner, which pops out like a jack-in-the-box from a hole in the wrecked hull. It’s so unexpected that even seasoned oceanographer Matt Hooper has a complete panic, causing him to drop the only evidence he needed – a huge tooth – to prove that the shark was still patrolling the waters around Amity Island.

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Brian De Palma’s classic adaptation of Stephen King’s first novel is beloved by horror fans for many reasons, but it really sticks in our collective consciousness thanks to the epilogue, which almost didn’t make it into the film . In the decades since its release, we’ve seen a lot of “was it just a dream – or was it?” very similar moments to this one, but the original still packs a punch, even if you’ve seen the movie a dozen times. The scene comes after high schooler Carrie White telekinetically slaughters nearly everyone at the high school prom, as well as her psychotic mother of hers, who manages to stab Carrie to death before horrifically dying. Wracked with guilt over her mistreatment of Carrie, survivor Sue Snell sleepwalks up to their demolished home to lay flowers on the pile of rubble that remains… before Carrie’s hand bursts in from below to grab her. . This turns out to be a dream; it is actually Susan’s mother holding her arm. But that (literally) game-changing shock will live on as one of the classic horror movie scares of all time.

The alien – Alien isolation

The alien in the alien isolation is constantly ready to jump out and scare you at a moment’s notice. But what makes this experience so unique is that it’s unscripted. Thus, there is a constant tension which makes the scare much more effective.

One of the more memorable scares from Resident Evil: Village is the giant child that appears to be chasing Ethan in House Beneviento. His strange appearance and eerie vocalizations startled us and continued to terrify us until we finally escaped the area.

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Piggy Traitor Mode

With Piggy being the bad guy and scary monster of the game, it’s all about survival. You and your companions need to escape this horrible trap created by the player controlled creature as soon as possible to sustain yourself in the game.

Also, if you decide to play Piggy Traitor mode, it’s even more fun and creates a high sense of tension and paranoia as you keep guessing who is the new traitor. If you outlive your other teammates, you win.

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