What happens when you cure a nitwit villager?

There are 15 types of villagers in Minecraft. The villagers can be unemployed or dumb villagers, so there are 13 different professions. Dumb villagers cannot acquire professions, but unemployed villagers can if they have access to a workstation. These are all the villager professions in the game, according to their working station: Gunsmith – Furnace Butcher – Smoker Cartographer – Chart Table Cleric – Beer Stall Farmer – Composter Fisherman – Barrel Charmer – Table Empennage Tanner – Cauldron Librarian – Lectern Stonemason – Stonecutter Shepherd – Loom Toolsmith – Smithing table Weaponsmith – Grindstone Depending on your needs, you will have one of these villagers. Once you trade with a villager, they won’t be ready to switch professions later and will get stuck, so confirm you get the trades you want.

Here are a couple of decorative tips to keep in mind when creating your village. Pathing -Villagers will beat your paths, in fact, they want to. So, digging paths next to your shovel will make your village more aesthetically pleasing and make it easier for the villagers to move around. Bell: Consider adding a bell to your village. The villagers will gather around it to gossip. Also, if you ring the bell, the villagers will hide in their houses. this is often excellent because it protects them, especially if ever there might even be an incursion or if there are monsters nearby. Flower Pots: With just three bricks you’ll create flower pots. these things are great because you can put them in villagers houses, they are small so they don’t take up an inordinate amount of space, which provide the place with a felt substitute. Lamps- With four Luminous Dust you will create a Luminous Stone. These blocks naturally emit light. Gamers with a big imagination have managed to make their own lamps with these. If you put a fence post down and then a glowstone on top with a switch attached to it, it will look a bit like any lamp.

Can villagers follow you in Minecraft?

Technically speaking, villagers are not hardwired to be attracted to emeralds or any other material unlike other passive animals such as livestock (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.) which are attracted to food which they eat as grain, carrots and seeds respectively.

Therefore, there is no official way to make villagers follow players in Minecraft. However, one way is to download and install game modifications (mods) from the online community where players can get their villagers to follow them.

How to change villager jobs in Minecraft

There is, thankfully, an easy way to change Minecraft villager jobs in your settlement. The first thing to do is check their previous career – this can be done by looking at their clothes or what blocks they interact with. From there, players will need to destroy the associated job site. This will make the villagers angry, but they will go looking for free land. If there is an open job, they will approach it and accept it as their new predestined career. And that’s it – your villager now has a new profession.

What can you do with green villagers in Minecraft?

They may mutter benevolently like their fellow villagers, but these green-clad idlers have no trade and spend each day wandering aimlessly. You can wave as many emeralds as you like – they have nothing for you.

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Edit2: Nitwits are also perfect for farming villagers. You can lock them in a glass cage with a single hole in the wall for the young to get out of. Since jerks don’t want a job, they don’t steal other workstations and no useful trades are lost on them.


Zombie Villager

They are hostile towards players and other villagers. The only feature that separates them from ordinary zombies is their inability to drown after being submerged in water.

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