What happens when pillagers win a raid?

First, you can prevent raids by not entering villages with the Ominous effect. If you’ve recently killed a Pillager Captain (who carries a banner above his head), chances are you’re carrying Bad Omen.

You can check by opening your inventory. If so, entering any village will automatically start a raid. You will have to drink milk to remove it. Now, if you’re already in the middle of a Minecraft raid, they’re unlikely to finish. Of course, you can end it by killing all the enemies that come in waves.

Fighting a raid in Minecraft

Once a player with the bad omen status effect enters a village, he will trigger the start of the raid. A “health bar” will appear at the top of each player’s screen with the name “Raid”.

This is the collective health bar of all mobs taking part in the raid.

How long does a Minecraft raid last?

If a Minecraft raid continues for 48,000 ticks, which is 40 minutes in real time, the raid bar will disappear and a message will appear saying: “Raid Expired”. However, still alive illagers will remain, even after the game ends, until killed.

The best way to stop a raid in Minecraft is to defeat the raid. The raids are difficult to deal with and, if not careful, could lead to the death of many villagers. The player defeats the raid by successfully taking down the waves of mobs. Defeating a raid requires proper preparation. Some of the ways the player can prepare for the raid include:

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Defeat the Raiders

As soon as the raid begins, the illager will spawn and hunt down villagers residing within the village. The avengers in a raid can open the wooden doors of a house and break them if necessary. Each raid has its own number of waves depending on the game’s difficulty: three waves for easy, five for normal, and seven for hard. When the illager captain of the current wave is killed, all remaining raiders will try to pick up the menace banner dropped by the previous captain. If successful, the raider with the menacing banner becomes the captain of the new wave. Each raider killed in a single wave will slowly lower the progression of the raid gauge until it reaches 0 and another wave begins. You must defeat all the raiders in each wave of raids and defend the village to be successful.

After successfully defending the village from raiders during the last wave, the raid bar above will appear as “Raid – Victory” and you will receive the Effect of village hero status. The surviving villagers will then shoot fireworks into the sky and gift the player with items related to their corresponding profession. After receiving the Village Hero status effect, you can trade with villagers at a discounted price on every item in their trade menu. They will also keep showering you with gifts until the status effect wears off.

Barricade the Village

This technique is widely used in raids. Mobs and raiders cannot actually destroy blocks outside the village. Barricading the village and creating a 4 block wall around the village will keep the mobs out and they won’t be able to enter. So you will take less damage. This will make stopping a raid in Minecraft easier.

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This is one of the main things you can do to win raids. If a single villager is injured or dies in a raid, you are likely to lose the raid and get no results. Use the bell to put the villagers into their homes. Once all the villagers are in the houses, block the doors from the outside using stash blocks. This will keep the villagers safe from marauders.

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