What happens if you tell a villager no to a nickname?

The villager’s affection for the player is expressed in the form of a nickname. In other words, nickname is the endearment towards players that is used by villagers with a high friendship level. In fact, all Animal Crossing villagers are friendly and will have special nicknames for you.

Sometimes, your villager will ask you if he will start calling you by a randomly chosen nickname. Naturally, there will be two options you can choose: accept it or reject it. You might wonder what will happen if you reject a nickname given by your island dwellers. If you’re curious, let’s find out more about a nickname rejection at ACNH in our post!

Changing your nickname in Animal Crossing New Horizons

It’s worth noting that your nickname is not the same as your real character name, which you are asked to enter at the beginning of the game . The nickname is what the villagers can ask you to call after you have played for a certain amount of time.

From time to time you may see a villager wandering around your island with a white speech bubble above his head. This usually means that they have something in mind and could ask you for a favor, go on a scavenger hunt, or just give you some clothes or furniture.

How to Make New Friends in Animal Crossing

Your relationships with villagers in New Horizons stem from a simple “under the hood” points system, so to speak. This covers the details of how your actions affect your friendships with them. Each villager first enters your island with 25 friendship points with you, where they are willing to give you the occasional gift and are open to the idea of ​​being friends. Of course, if this rating hits zero, they’ll ask you if you want them off the island.

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At 30 points, you unlock the ability to give gifts to your villagers to increase your friendship with them a little faster. This is a double-edged sword, as the wrong gifts can lower your friendship rank, but if you pay attention to who you’re talking to, bribery definitely works. At 60 points, you reach a stage in your relationship where a villager can give you a nickname. At 100 points, you can ask a villager to change their unique slogans; at 150 points and up, the villager considers you to be his best friend and you have a chance to get his picture framed. You can increase or decrease your friendship with a villager through different daily activities.

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