What happens if you give a Piglin a gold block?

Piglins are a neutral creature in Minecraft that won’t harm you unless you’re wearing at least gold armor. Gold has completely captivated them and it is the only thing that makes their world go round. You have to go to another world with the name of “Nether” where you have to find them and then you can trade with them by throwing any type of gold in front of them and the whole process we have discussed in detail in this article.

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How to trade?

Equip your golden armor and travel to a Piglin settlement on the map. Once you’re facing a Piglin, drop a gold bar near its feet and wait for it to interact with it. Once the ingot is thrown, the Piglin will pick it up and examine it for 6 or 8 seconds depending on which platform you are playing on. Once examined, the gold bar will be added to the Piglin’s inventory and a random item will be dropped in exchange for the gold. Now simply walk around and pick up the dropped item to add it to your inventory.

There’s no surefire way to determine what item a Piglin will drop in exchange for your gold bar, but here’s an ingenious table that explains your chances of getting a rare item.

Get some gold

Before you enter the Nether, you might want to take some gold bars with you that you just mined from the underworld. If you have gold ore or gold blocks, turn them all into gold bars.

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Remember to save some for a helmet or golden boots. This will protect you from piglets and also sacrifice the least amount of armor points possible.

Piglin Behavior

Piglins are naturally hostile towards players if the difficulty is anything but Peaceful. However, there are some ways to distract or calm them down.

  • Leave objects: piglins are distracted by most objects related to gold. This distraction only lasts a short time. If you drop a gold bar, they’ll also give you something back! The list of what they might give you is shown in the Piglin Trades & Bartering section below.
  • Wear golden armor: if you go to the Nether from 1.16 onwards, we recommend changing your boots or helmet to golden armor instead of diamond or netherite. Piglins will not be inherently hostile towards players with a gold piece of armor equipped.
    • This does not apply to Piglin Brutes. Whether or not you’re wearing gold armor, Piglin Brutes will attack you.

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