What happens if you drink honey in Minecraft?

The honey bottle has arrived in Minecraft with the 1.15 Buzzy Bees update. This update added bees and related items, such as hives, honeycombs, honey bottles, and more. Players can collect honey from bees in Minecraft.

Like real bees, Minecraft bees also pollinate, collect nectar from flowers and store them in their hives to make honey. After a beehive or honeycomb is filled to the brim with honey, players can use a glass bottle to collect bottles of honey. However, doing so will make the bees angry causing them to attack the player.

How to make honey in Minecraft?

To collect honey from a beehive or beehive, first light a bonfire underneath it. This will calm the bees and keep them from stinging you. If you go directly to collect honey from a nest, the bees will get angry and sting you. You cannot escape from them by running, and they will follow you until they manage to hurt you. Also, be careful while using a campfire as the fire will end up hurting the bees. Therefore, you can cover the bonfire using a carpet in Minecraft. This allows the smoke from the fire to calm the bees while protecting them from the fire itself. You can keep the bonfire burning like this forever.

Now that your bees are calm take out your glass bottle and use it to collect the honey. First, equip the bottle and right click on your PC to collect honey. If you’re playing Minecraft on your Xbox, hold LT. On the other hand, hold L2 for PlayStation and ZL for Nintendo. Mobile users can tap and hold the screen to collect honey from a honeycomb or beehive.

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Minecraft Food Poisoning

This list is far from exhaustive, there are numerous foods in Minecraft. However, it should be understood that they can have both positive and negative special effects. For example, poisoned and spoiled food can cause food poisoning. With this, your hunger gauge empties much faster for a few seconds. You can cure this poisoning with a sip of Minecraft milk or honey.

You have understood the basics of food intake well. Of course, there are a variety of foods, Minecraft food recipes and additional effects. Have you ever thought about throwing a Minecraft banquet with your friends? With a Minecraft server from G-Portal this can easily be accomplished. We wish you lots of fun and an appetite for your next Minecraft bread or Minecraft steak.

What do honey bottles do?

After getting some honey bottles in Minecraft, the main thing they are used for is as food. Drinking a bottle of honey will restore 6 hunger and 2.4 saturation. If you are poisoned, you can also drink bottles of honey to cure it.

Alternatively, honey bottles are used in some crafting recipes. 4 bottles of honey can be used to make a single block of honey. Or a single bottle of honey can be used to make 3 sugars.

How to make glass

Glass is made by placing blocks of sand (or red sand) in a furnace. Essentially, you would cook it like you would cook foods. For every block of sand fired in a furnace, you will get 1 block of glass. It should be mentioned that you can use Glass to create a ton of other cool items, especially decorative blocks.

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While you are fishing, you can sometimes catch a bottle of water instead of a fish. The odds are only about 1%, but it’s a nice side effect of fishing. If you drink the water in the water bottle, you get a glass bottle.

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