What does a Froglight do Minecraft?


Froglights can only be obtained through Frogs! They are the only block that can be obtained in such a unique way.

To get Froglights you will need Frogs and Magma Cubes. Slimes and Magma Cubes are the only mobs that frogs will react to and attack; since they are small enough.

How to Get Froglights in Minecraft

Getting Froglights in Minecraft is a bit more quirky than other elements of the game. You can’t create them, but they are dropped by an enemy, only in a specific circumstance. Getting a frog to eat a small Magma Cube mob will cause it to spit out one of the Froglight blocks. After the frog sticks out its tongue and swallows the enemy, a Froglight block will drop to the ground for you to pick up.

Warm (orange) frogs will spit ocher frog lights, which emit a more golden glow, warm (grey) frogs will spit bright purple pearlescent frog lights, and cold (green) frogs will drop greenish green. frog light. Which frog you have depends entirely on the biome they were born and raised in.

How to make frog lights in Minecraft

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Frogs can be found in swamps or mangroves, while magma cubes exist only in the Nether. This means that players must take a frog through a Nether portal to the Nether or bring a magma cube to the normal world. Both options are quite difficult and will require patience and luck.

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To get a frog light, you need to lure a frog into a magma cube. The frog will eat the magma cube and drop a frog light. Frogs spawn in swamp biomes, while magma cubes are found in the Nether. Frog Lights emit a light level of 15, making them more effective than Torches, Wands, Furnaces, Smokers, Candles, and Glowing Obsidian. Has the same light level as blocks like beacons, respawn anchors, campfires, sea lanterns, and shroomlights.

Depending on the frog variant you use, the color of the frog will vary. There are currently three types of lights to obtain. These three are Pearlescent, a pale purple light, Verdant, a green light, and Ocher, a yellow light. Similarly, there are three types of frog available for you to find and use to gather the lights. Tropical frogs let you find pearly lights, snowy frogs drop green frog lights, and normal frogs drop ocher light.


Place your frogs inside the trap once it is installed and remove the blocks that prevent the magma cubes from falling. Now you just have to wait for the magma cubes to crumble into smaller pieces so your frogs can consume them and release Froglights in return.

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