What does 1.19 2 add?

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a bug on some flat worlds where terrain below 0 was accidentally removed when loading the level, if there was bedrock at y=0.
  • Mobs teleporting through a Nether portal with a destination greater than y=128 will no longer have their position adjusted to 128.
  • Added performance and stability fixes.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Minecraft Update 1.19.2 New Features List

Unfortunately, Minecraft Update 2.43, version 1.19.2, did not add any new features to the game. Nor has it added any content in any form. The update was released to fix some of the more annoying crashes. And the bugs players started experiencing when Minecraft update 1.19.0 The Wild rolled out worldwide.

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  • Sculk Catalysts no longer spread Sculk on player deaths if the Keep Inventory game rule is set to True.
  • Sculk Catalysts no longer get covered in Sculk Veins if a mob dies on top of them
    • Improved the performance of the biome locate command to mitigate server stalls when searching for a biome that is far away.

    Minecraft Update 2.48 Patch Notes | Minecraft Update 1.19.22 Patch Notes | Minecraft September 1 Patch Notes:


    New Additions

    • M1025 Multipurpose Vehicle
    • SSG Rifle 82
    • BK-12 shotgun and sawn-off variant
    • GPS receiver
    • Water reflections (can be configured in graphics settings)
    • Thrown objects now impact sounds
    • Portable map now provides more detail depending on the navigation equipment you are carrying (GPS, compass)
    • Military convoys
    • Replace abandoned police cars with police events
    • )

    • Torch
    • Punch card
    • Glow plug
    • Makeshift eye patch
    • Variants color of the jacket to plate carrier
    • New stealth kill variant (tixagb _14)
    • Handbrake for vehicles
    • Brake force can be adjusted by combining it with Ctrl (mild) and Shift (strong)
    • Vehicle horn
    • Player can now drown if submerged for too long
    • Bleeding indicator in HUD
    • Favorites tab in game server browser , showing cached offline favorite servers
    • Added a spare tire slot for Olga 24, Sarka 120 and Gunter 2
    • Wolves and bears could hit players in vehicles
    • The improvised suppressor did not show the correct model when ruined and detached from the weapon
    • The public address system panels sometimes could not be started even when they had a ba ttery in them
    • Displaying other prone characters did not include tilting and rolling
    • Reduced 40mm smoke grenade cut through geometry
    • Dead bodies on top of a bear trap would significantly reduce its damage
    • Torches and brooms cannot be lit inside
    • Grenades attached to vests did not explode when the vest was destroyed in a fire
    • Switching tabs in the server browser too quickly could prevent servers from loading
    • The kitchen timer was not always displayed inside the improvised explosive
    • It was possible to cover an improvised explosive with a vegetable garden
    • In some cases it was not possible to disarm the Claymore mine
    • A rem trigger Ruined oto connected to a tripwire would still fire
    • When approaching an explosive charge with a remote detonator, the UI would pretend more options are available
    • An i the flashlight is on in hands it didn’t go off while swimming with it
    • Dead characters still showed a “strong pulse”
    • Character’s arm clipped to body when running with the firework launcher
    • Kitchen sounds persisted in place even after crockery was removed
    • AUR A1 with magazine was slightly cropped when displayed in hands in inventory
    • Vehicles only emitted exhaust smoke when started for the first time
    • Assault Vest and -Pack cargo was not displayed separately
    • The e plastic explosives near an explosion took no damage
    • Jumping down a steep hill caused the character to “float” upwards
    • Fixed a game crash related to loading and saving of characters
    • It was possible through several exploits to glitch through the surface of the terrain
    • Items with unloaded accessories were closed by default nearby, and equipment
    • It was not possible to target a vehicle’s engine with melee attacks
    • It was possible to refuel vehicles with cars even when the tank was ruined
    • The Sarka 120’s radiator was accessible even when the hood was closed
    • The player’s view would descend faster than his character from the enormous height
    • It was not possible to scroll between the different attached items to be removed from the M3S
    • The characters got wet from the rain while sitting in the vehicles
    • Changed materials of several items for more accurate sounds and bullet penetration
    • The common cold would be too effective against the player’s immune system
    • It was not possible to put the KA Bayonet and M4-A1 in the knife slot
    • It was possible to cook using ruined pans
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