What do Minecraft Axolotls eat?

Axolotls are underwater creatures in Minecraft that are a bit hard to find. They only spawn in underground caves, deep under the water, so make sure you take a water-breathing potion or two with you when you try to dive into the depths to find them. Fortunately, they make a distinct sound when you get close to them. Although you can’t tame axolotls, you can feed them and they eat a particular item that you can give them to try and breed them.

Axolotls in Minecraft only eat buckets of tropical fish. You can get a tropical fish and put it in a bucket by filling a regular bucket full of water, holding that bucket of water, and then using it on a tropical fish while swimming near it. You have to make sure that the bucket you are using is full of water, or it won’t work, and you have to hold it. You can find tropical fish swimming around the ocean, or alternatively you can trade five emeralds with a wandering merchant for a bucket of tropical fish.

Can axolotls be tamed in Minecraft?

Players cannot tame axolotls in the traditional sense. They are not, however, hostile towards the protagonist. A bucket and a pond or lake can be used to relocate them. However, axolotls can also be attached to a leash, but they will die within five minutes if they are not in the water. To avoid this, you will have to wait for bad weather.

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Axolotls in Minecraft come in a variety of colors. Lucy (pink), Wild (brown), Gold, Cyan, and Blue are all examples. In terms of rarity, blue is the least likely to reproduce naturally or through artificial insemination.

What do axolotls eat in Minecraft?

Axolotls are an aquatic mob, surviving on a diet of tropical fish. Tropical fish are a variety of fish found in the oceans and warm ocean biomes in the game.

However, while the tropical fish can be caught with a fishing rod, players need a bucket of tropical fish to feed an axolotl. So, make a bucket and click on the water block with tropical fish to catch a bunch. As a lesser known fact, players can also find them from a wandering merchant for an emerald.

Where to find axolotls in Minecraft

Your first question will probably be where to find this new creature. As we already told you, axolotls breed in groundwater, so you can only catch them in caves in total darkness. With the latest update, you can only find them in Lush Caves. They usually breed singly and can even survive on dry land, but only for a few minutes before they start to dry out. In Creative Mode you can get them with Axolotl Spawn Egg. The other option is to type/summon Axolotl in the chat, and you will get a random colored Axolotl.

Unfortunately, axolotls cannot be tamed, but you can make them follow you anywhere by holding a bucket of tropical fish. You can also pick them up with a bucket of water, put them in the Shulker box and take them wherever you want. Once you collect several axolotls and put them in the water together, they will start to reproduce if you feed them buckets of tropical fish. By breeding two Axolotls, you have a small chance of getting Blue Axolotls as a mutation. But the chance is really very small!

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Where to find axolotls in Minecraft

You can find axolotls swimming in various bodies of water within the game. They usually like to spawn in the Lush Cave biome, but they will also spawn when there are clay blocks. They’re not a rare mob, so if you’re looking for the right conditions, then you should be running into some Axolotls in no time.

Fortunately, Axolotls are not a hostile mob to players, but they will attack enemies underwater, such as Drowned. They deal two damage and can play dead if hit, so they won’t replace your sword. You should also keep in mind that they attack all aquatic mobs, including fish, which can be annoying if you gather in the area where they spawn.

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