What do Enderman drop when killed?

Endermen have the ability to teleport, so it’s important to stay alert and watch them when fighting them. If you see one teleporting, make sure you move around so you don’t get hit by their attack.

Endermen are attracted to dark places, so it is best to avoid these areas whenever possible. If you have to go somewhere dark, be sure to keep an eye out for any nearby Endermen so you can defend yourself if necessary.


Zombies (image via Mojang)

Players can frequently find zombies around. This is one of the reasons they are popular in Minecraft. Sometimes they spawn with enchanted armor, but most of the time these armors are damaged when dropped. Players can also spot the little zombies. But these babies spawn very rarely.

Kill Command Examples

  1. If you don’t want to kill yourself or any other player in the process of removing mobs from the world, type “/kill @e”. Similar rules apply to other mobs and items.
  2. For example, the “/kill @e” command will save all players, slimes, items and carts from their premature death and prevent you from losing valuable progress.
  3. If you want to kill a specific type of mob, use the parameter “@e” kill all skeletons.

You can tinker with the command and available types.

Kill an Enderman in Minecraft

You can use any weapon to kill Enderman but if you want to hurry, use a Diamond rank weapon. To avoid being attacked, but still kill them, create a shelf two blocks high and stand under it. The Endermen are three blocks tall, so they won’t be able to attack you when you’re under the shelf, but you can attack them from below.

  1. Wait for night and wait for Endermen to spawn.
  2. When you see an Enderman, point the cursor at it. Endermen become hostile when you look at them. You will hear them “scream”.
  3. The enderman will teleport and attack you.
  4. As long as you’re under the shelf, you won’t take damage and can fight back.
  5. Watch out for other mobs.
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Minecraft Enderman in the Overworld dimension

Enderman’s spawn level is seven or lower than that of light in the Overworld dimension, indicating he is wandering or in caves . You can also blend them in the desert biome.

Enderman are thought to have a distinct dimensional home on the surface of the End, where they usually spawn under the group name “Haunting”. A party of four Minecraft endgame characters can spawn at once. The reproductive light level must be eleven or less than that of Enderman in the end dimension.

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