What did MC 1.18 2 add?

Many people of our generation grew up with the Minecraft game and the Caves and Cliffs update released on November 30, 2021 created more dynamics and challenges.

Minecraft, a single or multiplayer game, revolves around objectives and obstacles, but there is no specific way to beat the game; players can continue playing indefinitely, as there is always more to explore.

Minecraft Update 1.18 – Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Launch Time

Update 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 will be released today, November 30, 2021, at 18:00 GMT / 10 :00 PDT. Of course, there’s always the possibility that this release time will be changed if developer Mojang encounters issues with updating the game, but if that happens, they’ll likely let us know ahead of time on their official Twitter page. That said, let’s see what this new update will bring. Caves are bound to have a huge – in the literal sense of the word – change. They will be almost completely overhauled and will now fit much better and more smoothly into the existing world suits. Three new types of noisy caves will be added: cheese caves (which are huge), spaghetti caves (thin and long), and noodle caves (smaller than spaghetti caves).

Two new cave biomes will also be added to the game. The first of these is the Lush Caves biome. Unlike most other caves, Lush Caves will have much more plant life inside them. The second is Dripstone Cave. Made up of stalactites, this cave is full of stalagmites and stalactites. In addition to this “Caves” section, “Cliffs” will also undergo some changes. Six new sub-biomes are coming to the mountain region: Mountain Meadow, Mountain Grove, Snowy Slopes, Stony Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks and Lofty Peaks.

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How to get Minecraft 1.18 on consoles (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch)

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select My apps & games.
  • Find Minecraft.
  • Click More options.
  • Choose Manage Game and Add-ons.
  • Go to Updates.
  • Here’s how to update Minecraft to 1.18.

Now, Minecraft for PS4 and PS5 should ideally update automatically. But in case you have set it to update manually, you need to do these steps:

New Placefeature command

  • The new Placefeature command can place a configured feature on a specific set of coordinates.
  • The current syntax of Placefeature is “/placefeature ”
  • The ID is the configured function to be placed by the players.
  • Pos can be specified as the coordinates of where the element would like to be positioned.
  • Cave noise generation has been reduced, but gained the “noise_router” field.
  • Cave density registers have been included, which can be adjusted to form caves.
  • Exploration maps can now have their destination tags configured, changing the destination of the map when found in a loot table. The display name for the map is no longer set automatically.

Technical updates:

Updated additional template packs

  • Updated additional templates are available for 1.18.10 with new resources, behaviors and documentation for download on aka. ms/MCAddonPacks

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