What did 1.19 add?

The new Minecraft patch 1.19.1 has been released, otherwise known as The Wild Update. It includes a number of new features, fixes and much more.

The official patch notes for Minecraft The Wild Update, or version 1.19.1, are as follows:

Patch Notes for Minecraft Update 1.19.3 – December 7, 2022

New features in 1.19.3

  • Some experimental features are now available via embedded experimental datapacks

  • p class=”_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM”> Added new accessibility option “Panorama Scroll Speed”

  • Added new default skins for offline players

  • New wood sounds


  • Take a stackable object from an Allay now correctly adds this item to existing stacks.
  • Taking a stackable item from an Allay no longer causes the item to be duplicated

Allay’s collection interval has been changed from 64 to 32 blocks to match the Java Edition .

Deep Dark

  • Deep in the Overworld you’ll find one of the scariest biomes in all of Minecraft. Buried deep underground, especially at the bottom of mountainous regions, this area is filled with hidden blocks, ancient structures, loot chests, and a single lonely mob. To navigate the deep darkness, you must sneak, use Silk Touch, and most importantly, don’t wake the guardian!
  • The only mob that appears in the deep darkness is none other than the guardian. The guardian will only appear if his sleep is disturbed, which means brave explorers have to sneak around very quietly. Quick movements risk triggering a sculk sensor which activates a sculk shrieker. If you’re unfortunate enough to hear it tear through the silent shroud of deep darkness, it’s time to step outside. While the guardian can’t see, this doesn’t slow him down but works to his advantage. The guardian can smell out any intruders and uses vibrations to pinpoint their exact location.

Spectator mode (experimental)

  • Spectators no longer drop XP orbs when killed
  • Spectators no longer reset their player level when killed killed
  • Water mist is no longer removed for players in spectator mode
  • Spectator players no longer make sounds when entering/exiting bubble columns
  • I shulker bullets no longer follow spectators
  • Spectators are now invisible to normal players
  • If a player is in spectator mode and other non-spectator players are present on the server, the spectator player will not be affected more about mob disappearance
  • If there are only spectator players on the server, mob despawn is now suspended
  • Fixed a crash when using spawn eggs in peaceful worlds on PlayStation 4 Edition
  • (tixag _14) Fixed a crash that could occur when an animated structure is loaded from a Structure Block and the player leaves a dimension via portal

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when loading an arrow with an unrecognized data value
  • Fixed a potential crash issue in explosions
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting a split screen session
  • Fixed an issue with Marketplace pack prices not showing as free after purchase
  • Added a clear cache button in storage settings for all the platforms. This button clears Marketplace folder contents (but not worlds) and may help alleviate content download issues
  • Fixed an issue where Wither effect damage was being reduced by armor
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