What color is the Enderman body?

For my 10 year old Minecraft loving son, I made an Enderman costume.

I bought two boxes from Staples for the head and body and one from the UPS store for the arms. That box was very long so I was able to cut it in half and use it for both arms.

In this drawing lesson, I’ll show you how to draw Enderman step by step. This is one of the characters in the game Minecraft.

Today you will learn how to draw the Enderman, which is the character of the popular Minecraft game. The Enderman is a neutral mob that can be hostile. Enderman consists of many small squares, like all objects in the Minecraft game.

This character has a square head, long arms and legs, a black torso, and purple eyes. Enderman is one of the tallest characters in the game. As you know, Endermen live and are born in Endermir, after which they pass through the portals to the ordinary world and the world of Hell. Most of all, Enderman is afraid of water.

Fight with Enderman

Endermen take damage from attacks, falls, fire, lava, water and poison. These are one of the most dangerous mobs in the game, in a one on one fight, and should be respected on that basis. Ideally, you want your back against the wall. If you hit Endermen they will often teleport behind you. (In multiplayer only, the enderman will only teleport somewhere within a player’s view.) His melee attacks hit hard enough to avoid getting hit by them as much as possible. Get a sword and armor, made from the best material you have. A flint and steel can also help, as although setting them on fire is difficult, it will likely help you kill them, if you can do it. Focus on hitting his legs and try to time your attacks so that the Enderman is continually pushed back so that he can’t hit you. This will usually kill them pretty quickly.

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You can preempt the Enderman by holding your crosshairs on them, which will cause them to stand still for several seconds, or until the Enderman is hit, whichever comes first. A player can also take the first hit by looking only at the Enderman’s legs until he attacks, though once hit, the Enderman will turn aggressive as normal. A height advantage of at least a block or more will also help keep the Enderman at bay when you hit him.

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