What can I enchant my elytra with?

To enchant an elytra in Minecraft, you will need to place it inside an anvil as it cannot be enchanted with an enchanted table. Along with this, you will also need to find an enchanted book with which to enchant the elytra. When you find the book, place it inside the anvil, as shown below.

Once everything is placed exactly as we do in our image above, you will be able to enchant elytra with a small amount of experience which varies depending on the enchantment used.

Can you enchant elytra in Minecraft?

Minecraft allows users to place enchantments on their equipment to make it much better and more useful than it already is. This includes all kinds of different equipment like weapons, tools, armor and more. Since the elytra is also a piece of equipment that your character uses in the game, you can also enchant it.

It is more than possible to enchant elytra in Minecraft. However, there is a slight difference between elytra enchantments and most other enchantable items in the game. This difference is that there are only a couple of different enchantments that can be used for this, unlike most other items in the game that have different enchantments that can be attached to them.

Using elytra

Once you have your elytra, you can equip them in the chest armor slot within your inventory.

To use the Elytra you must first find a spot high enough and press the jump button while already falling. This will open the elytra.

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When Elytra reaches durability 2, she changes her texture to a tattered form to reflect the damage. To repair it you can use the Mending enchantment with the help of anvils and ghost membranes or with pairs of moles.

To combine the ghost membrane with an anvil, you need 4 pieces of membranes to fully repair the shield and increase the duration to 108 points. Being a repairing treasure enchantment can only be found in the open world. The XP that the player earns in the game is used to heal the item’s health when using this spell.


  • Protection IV, Repair and Unbreakable III
  • Water Affinity – Allows you to mine and dig underwater at normal speed. Without this spell, you draw 5 times slower while swimming.
  • Breathing III – Extends breathing time underwater by 45 seconds. You will be able to swim underwater for longer periods of time when using this spell.
  • Protection IV, Mending and Unbreaking III
  • No need to add other enchantments.

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