What can hurt the warden?

Before you even think about fighting The Warden, you need to make sure you’re ready to face him. For that, you need proper equipment, weapons, and other things that will potentially help you during your fight. While you may have the strongest sword with you, I don’t suggest using it as The Warden does tons of damage in melee range. You don’t want to get hit by those punches.

First, you must have full Netherite armor so that you can take at least two hits before you die. Not only do you need full Netherite armor, but you’ll also want to make sure it’s fully enchanted with the best enchantments in the game. Whether you want to put protection or stealth spells is up to you.

How to Avoid Guardians in Minecraft

Guardians are an interesting crowd because they are the first to be completely blind, probably due to their dark environment. The monsters have stealth-like sensors on their heads that help them detect vibrations and find their prey. This means that if you move or make noise in Deep Dark, the Guardians are likely to come find you and attack you. You can sneak past the Guardians, but make sure you don’t attack them or get too close to them as they will charge at you. Once they target you, their heart rate will be audibly and visibly faster, and they won’t lose track of you easily.

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So, you shouldn’t try to kill Wardens and you should try to avoid them at all costs. How can you run away from one if they are nearby? The best thing to do with Guardians is to distract them by throwing a snowball or arrow somewhere else. They will go to where your bullet landed, making it safe for you to continue and escape. Always bring a bullet to Deep Dark so you can escape the Guardians.


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Where to find Ancient Cities in Minecraft

In general, you’ll need to dig deep enough to find the Deep Dark to find Ancient Cities. Both the biome and the ancient city are quite rare, so if you are not ready to root underground you can use the seed 3018068664000894136 and travel to 494, -47, -581. If you’re a purist and would like to do this without a specific seed, dig between -30 and -55 and take note that Deep Dark tends to spawn in biomes with low erosion value, such as a mountain peak or plateau.

The Warden is a blind mob, and if you play well you can use that to your advantage. While looting an ancient city, you will come across a block called a sculk shrieker. After activating these four times, The Warden will materialize, crawling out of the ground around you.

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Recommended equipment

With how strong a Warden’s single strike is and how much health he has, the recommended equipment will be the best you can find. The strongest armor and enchanted weapons that hit the hardest.

Netherite armor and enchantment swords will be an absolute must. The higher the Enchantment level, the better.

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