What burns forever in Minecraft?

Which blocks burn forever in Minecraft?

Set a block of netherrack on fire and it will burn forever. Netherrack was added to the Java Edition of Minecraft in Alpha 1.2. 0, the Halloween update, along with Pumpkins, Clocks, Fishing, and the Nether.

The table below will show all the longest burning fuels in Minecraft, from longest to shortest duration.

Overall, lava is by far still the best fuel in Minecraft, as it lasts the longest when used in a furnace. It’s also pretty easy to get once you get up and running with a base and start exploring some caves.

Magma blocks and fire

So, do magma blocks burn wood? Quick answer: no. Longer answer: well… let’s see.

We’ve all seen lava blocks starting fires on the surface and destroying nearby trees. They can set many different blocks on fire, but Magma blocks are not one of them. But if you set fire to the top of the block, it will burn forever, just like Netherrack.

Starting and spreading a fire in Minecraft

Fires can be started with flint and steel or a fireball. For non-combustible material the fire will go out after a short time; for contact with water, it will immediately go out. With flammable material, especially e.g. leaves, the fire burns well and can even spread in a controlled (or uncontrolled!) way. But be careful: a fire in Minecraft can also quickly spread uncontrollably!

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Fire spreads dangerously fast and also in all directions. In other words, even when you enclose fire on the sides with stone, it can spread upwards. Depending on the different flammability, a material/block ignites and burns faster or slower. The block then burns down eventually.

How to get flint and steel

  • The fastest way to get flint is to mine gravel.
  • There is a 10% chance that flint will fall when you mine gravel.
  • You can upgrade your tool to increase your chances of getting flint.
  • We suggest you enchant your tool at Fortune 3, as there is an absolute chance of getting flint.
  • You will also need steel and flint to make a fire.
  • You will need to mine iron, which is found underground, and pebbles for a furnace.
  • You can create a furnace on a workbench.
  • Put the iron and some fuel in the furnace to melt the iron.
  • Once you get the iron ingot, place it in your crafting inventory 2×2 and place the flint in front of it.

And that’s it. You can use it to start a fire in the fireplace.


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