What blocks diamonds spawn?

While much is the same with Diamond in Minecraft in version 1.18 of the game, there are some differences in where you’ll find it. You can now go negative in terms of the Y coordinate. This means you can go much deeper into the ground than before. It also means that Diamond can be quite deep!

Diamonds are an extremely valuable resource and are one step away from obtaining the best equipment and weapons in the game. While they’re not as difficult to obtain as Netherite, it’s a particularly rare resource that will need to be farmed if you’re trying to work your way through some of the more difficult aspects of the game.

How can I mine diamonds in Minecraft?

When mining diamond ores, don’t forget to bring along an iron pickaxe or something stronger. Mining an ore drops a single diamond.

How to find diamonds fast in Minecraft

Branch mining is the fastest way to get diamonds to make your first diamond tools and gear. With a bit of luck, you can rush to find iron and diamond on the first night, as long as you manage to gather enough resources.

You will need several pickaxes (that are made of at least iron or better), some buckets of water, good armour, food and a sword or bow. Also bring lots of torches to light your way.

How to get and farm diamonds

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In older versions, they are already below level 15. But in Minecraft 1.18, diamonds are instead below Y-coordinates from 16 to -64. However, you should focus your search between levels -53 and -59, as these levels have the highest concentration of Diamond. The deeper you go, the more diamonds, red stones and lapis lazuli you can find. Meanwhile, at Y -60 Bedrock blocks start spawning and may end up hindering diamond spawning, so with that in mind you should start looking above -60. Here’s how to find out what coordinates you’re at in Minecraft:

Prepare to find diamonds

You’ll need the proper supplies before you go diamond mining in Minecraft:

  • An iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe is required to mine diamonds. Iron is common in the game, so it’s pretty easy to make an iron pickaxe.
  • You will need torches to light up your tunnels and to explore the caves.
  • Food is important because extraction over time will cause starvation.
  • You will encounter mobs, so an armor and a weapon are useful.
  • A shovel is useful for removing dirt and gravel on your way.
  • Sticks are important for creating more torches while mining coal.
  • Optional: A bucket of water is useful for turning lava into obsidian.
  • Optional: Luck Enchanted Pickaxes will increase the amount of diamonds you mine.

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