What blocks can zombies not spawn on?

The Sea Lantern blocks out all sunlight, players and mobs suffocate inside, and blocks a beacon beam, preventing the beacon from activating. However, like transparent blocks, it does not prevent chests from being opened, monsters (including slimes) cannot spawn on it, and it does not transfer a redstone signal.

Minecraft Mobs spawn in the dark

Mobs only spawn where it is dark, such as inside a poorly lit house, cave, or outside at night. The first step to prevent mobs from spawning in Minecraft is to use light sources such as torches, glow stones, or lamps and remove all dark areas.

Adding torches will also prevent mobs from spawning in Minecraft dungeons. Dungeons have a lot of mobs due to the mob spawners, but lighting up the area will turn off the mob spawner temporarily.

Mob Spawners

On the other hand, Mob Spawners now require a light level of 11 or less to function, instead of 6 or less. This means that the player must create a light level of at least 12 to disable them. The best way to do this is by placing torches directly around or on top of the player. A normal torch emits a light level of 14.

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Add tiles and half blocks to your structures

There is a game mechanic where all mobs usually spawn on top of full blocks. This means that mobs cannot use half blocks or blocks that are less than a full block in height, such as tiles, to spawn in-game. You can use this game mechanic by placing tiles on the ground, especially in areas outside of your base, to prevent them from spawning in the area. A pro tip when placing tiles is that only the bottom half of tiles are spawn proof, while tiles placed on the top half and double tiles (creating a full block using two tiles) can still spawn mobs, so be careful. Another great way to use this gameplay mechanic is to use dirt/grass roads, as these are considered a partial block in height and therefore cannot spawn mobs.

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Mobs cannot spawn on transparent blocks like glass blocks and leaves. Although the player and any other mobs outside the block can easily walk and jump on them, the block itself cannot be used as a spawn point for hostile mobs. So using leaves by incorporating them into your garden and creating decorations like bushes and potted plants with leaves is a great way to prevent critters from breeding in the area. You can also use glass blocks to create clear and transparent pathways in and around your base, as glass blocks are also blocks that prevent any creatures from spawning on top of them.

Normal Zombies

This is the most common type of zombie. You can easily identify them with blue pants and a light blue shirt over their green skin.

Regular zombie spawning depends on biomes. In the overworld, normal zombies spawn in groups of 4, except in mushroom fields and deep darkness. While in the deserts, there is a 70-80% chance that a normal zombie will spawn as a husk. And if they are not replaced as a husk in the desert or a drowning zombie in the water, they have a 5% chance to spawn as a villager.

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