What blocks can the Ender dragon not break?

To kill the Ender Dragon with a bed, you need to set up a one-cycle platform. Basically this is placing a bed on top of a bedrock pillar with two obsidian blocks next to it.

Begin by placing a bed on top of a bedrock pillar shrine at the end. After this, place two obsidian blocks on one of the sides of the bed, this is so that when you explode the bed, it won’t damage you. The video linked below will also show a great example of what your single loop deck should look like.

How to get a dragon egg

First of all, you have to enter the End. Once there, the objective is to defeat the ender dragon. This can be most easily accomplished by destroying the final crystals on the obsidian pillars (as these heal the dragon). After the dragon is defeated, the dragon egg appears on top of the exit portal. He appears only once and that is after the first successful fight against the ender dragon.

The death of the dragon releases the portal again, allowing you to return to the upper world.

Minecraft: How to quickly defeat the Ender Dragon

There’s more to Minecraft than building shelters and hiding from Creepers at night. The game includes a variety of enemies that require a lot of skill to defeat. The big daddy of them all is The Ender Dragon, a fearsome beast with 10 attack damage and 200 health.

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You won’t see this creature flying around the world. You will need to find your home, also known as The End. Even if you manage to get there, be prepared to experience the toughest fight in the game, but don’t worry. We will tell you how to defeat The Ender Dragon and get the Dragon Egg.

Why do you need to defeat the Ender dragon?

All Ender Dragon loot If you bring the Ender Dragon back and kill it again, it will only drop 500 XP orbs. Killing the Ender Dragon will also open a portal that will take you to The End City, if you follow it to the end. The only way to enter the portal is by throwing an Ender Pearl into the center.

The only ways to get out of the End are to kill the Ender Dragon and then take the Exit Portal or die. In creative mode, it is also possible to build an end portal at the end and travel back to the overworld using it.

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