What block in Minecraft is the strongest?

Zombified Piglins are one of the inhabitants of the world of Minecraft Nether and while they aren’t the biggest problem to deal with (considering they only have 10 hearts), they are certainly a lot tougher than you might expect. These guys are mostly ranked lower as they are technically neutral and will not attack players if left alone.

However, if you attack them, which would be a big mistake, they will become one of the biggest problems you could face in the Nether altogether. They reward players with some nice gold, but the prospect of facing off against a horde of them is really something you want to avoid. Still, it’s better to be on your guard just in case, as accidentally hitting them can happen to the best of us.



Ravagers are large bovine mobs (about 2.2 blocks tall) that spawn in raids and attack literally everything in sight: players, villagers, golems, iron, whatever. These four-legged kills are probably one of the worst Minecraft mobs you can encounter while off guard and without gear.

By itself, a Ravager is pretty hard to beat. When mounted by another hostile mob (like a Vindicator or Evoker)? It’s almost impossible.

Redstone Lamps

Like Glowstone blocks, Redstone lamps are in block shape and make excellent indoor or outdoor lighting. However, they need to be powered with Redstone to work. If you’re handy with Redstone, you can connect them to a lever, so you have fully working light switches. They have a light level of 15 when on and 0 when off.

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Where to find tuff in Minecraft?

If you’re going to dig underground for diamonds or whatever, you’re bound to find some Tuff in Minecraft. Tuff is a resource that you can easily find even when you’re not looking for it. It can be found underground between Y=0 and Y=16.

Tuff spawns in all Minecraft biomes, and spawns in blobs. If you plan on digging for any underground resources, just bring a pickaxe that is stone or larger to properly mine Tuff.


After the latest Minecraft 1.19 update, the guardian became the scariest and most dangerous hostile mob ever. This is because the guardian has the highest health point of all mobs, even more than the ender dragon and the wither, since it has a total health point of 250 hearts and can also deal the highest body attack damage. to body of all mobs. .

But surprisingly, the guardian is completely blind and only relies on hearing, environmental vibrations, and smell to locate mobs or players in the vicinity . However, once the guardian detects a player or the mob, he will aggravate and chase the player or the mob until the guardian or his target is killed.

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