What Block attracts enderman?

How to find Enderman in Overworld Minecraft

To find enderman in Overworlds, you must first create a platform where you can look out for the mafia.

The terrain you are looking for should be relatively flat with no trees so that you can see far. Ideally, you’d like to be able to see 64 blocks in every direction from the platform.

How to protect yourself from Enderman?

Here are some of the ways you can protect yourself:

  • Wear a carved gourd as a helmet. It will allow you to stare at Enderman without even realizing it. Conversely, there’s no point in wearing a pumpkin after taunting the enderman.
  • Build houses in places surrounded by water or lava. It is recommended because water and lava can provide melee damage to mobs, making them immediately neutral.
  • Endermen are three blocks tall. If the ceiling of your house is two blocks high, endermen cannot enter.
  • Have glass windows and look through them if you want to watch the endermen without provoking them.
  • If an enderman is hostile, fight it with a bucket of water.
  • Players can also trap them by placing cobwebs.
  • Since endermen can teleport, it would be smart to stand in a corner so he is unable to attack from behind.

Where to find the Enderman in Minecraft?

To find Enderman, move to places where they are regularly found or create your own to attract them. Look for them in places with 64 blocks of visibility in any direction, and on flat ground, you can do it very far.

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