What are the three rarest things in Minecraft?

Minecraft has some rare items and some boring ones, so let’s find out which is the rarest

   Among the rarest items is the Nether Star. The Nether Star can only be obtained by killing Wither. The Wither also has 150 hearts, so it’s really hard to kill. To kill the Withers you must first spawn it. To spawn a Wither you need 3 Wither Skeleton skulls and 4 soul sands. Getting soul sand is easy, but getting Wither skulls is hard. To get wither skulls you need to kill wither skeletons and they only spawn in the keep. They also only have a 5.5%‌ chance to drop on looting 3.

The rarest item in Minecraft is the dragon egg

The rarest item in Minecraft it’s the dragon egg. It only appears when the Ender Dragon has been defeated, at which point the Dragon Egg will appear at the Exit Portal!

A day in Minecraft is 20 minutes in real time. Imagine if our days were so short… a year would take just over 5 days!


Elytra are probably one of the most popular in-game items that all players want to get their hands on, as they can be obtained only during the end game. Elytra are extremely rare as it is probably the hardest item to get to in the first place.

To obtain elytra, players must find a stronghold, enter the end portal to travel to the end, defeat the ender dragon, travel to the Outside the End Islands, avoid all the enderman mobs, locate an End City, and ride the End Ship on top of the End City.

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Minecraft Dungeons item rarity levels

Minecraft Dungeons items come in three different rarity levels: common, rare, and unique. Common items are shown in white, rare items in green, and unique items in orange. An item’s level usually means more than its rarity when it comes to strength, but unique items typically have perks that give them an edge over common and rare items. Common and rare items hardly differ between the two, while unique items have the advantage of setting them apart, making them much more valuable than any other equipment in the game. Unique items can drop as early as the first few levels of the game, but they become much more common as you progress through the campaign. On the Adventure and Apocalypse difficulties, you will find them much more often than before.

Like most things in Minecraft Dungeons, unique items are random drops. That means you’ll need to get lucky and hope that an enemy drops a unique item for you to pick up and equip. You’ll have a better shot at getting these rare items on higher difficulties, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding them on higher levels. Some enemies and chests also have a higher chance of dropping unique items. Treasure Pigs almost always drop good gear, and there’s a good chance that gear could be a unique weapon or armor set. Fancy chests also drop rare items, but those are harder to find than treasure pigs. All in all, you just have to get lucky and hope that an enemy drops the unique item you’re after. Also, if you’re playing multiplayer, you can’t drop items or trade them with friends, so you can’t trade unique items with friends if one of you gets a drop that someone else really wants.

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