What are the first 10 things to do in Minecraft?


Castles are among the most popular things to build in Minecraft. How come? Who wouldn’t want to live in their own castle!

Create a new survival world

Creating a new survival world and making sure you don’t cheat is the first thing I recommend.

Cheating in Minecraft, while it makes things a lot easier, also destroys the experience because it means you’re less likely to go out and get resources, and the game quickly becomes less fun.

3 minutes to 4 minutes

Now that your wooden ax is with you, you can grow more wood faster than just using the your bare hands. Since you also made a wooden pickaxe, you can now mine stones to get cobblestones. Find the closest rock formation to your base and start digging using the wooden pickaxe. If you can’t find any rock formations, dig the ground until you find stones. Try to collect at least 25 pebbles for crafting. Once the durability of your Wood Pickaxe and Wood Ax wears off, it’s time for you to craft stone tools to replace them. Stone tools are stronger and more efficient than wooden tools, so it’s best to craft them early to maximize resource gathering. To craft a stone pickaxe and axe, use the same recipe as to craft the wooden tools, but replace the planks with pebbles instead. Now that you have the stone tools, you’ll need a furnace. To craft a furnace, using eight cobblestones, place one block of cobblestone into all slots of the 3×3 crafting grid leaving only the middle slot empty. The furnace will be used to cook food and smelt minerals later. If you have extra pebbles, make a stone sword to serve as your main weapon. To craft a stone sword, place two pebbles upright in the center of the top and middle rows and place a stick in the center of the bottom row to form a line.

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Find animal mobs like cows, pigs and chickens. These mobs often roam everywhere, so it’s best to look for them at random. When you spot some of them, kill them using your sword to get their drops. They will drop raw meat, which you can cook in your furnace to get cooked meat. This will become your main source of food for sustenance. Collecting at least 20-30 raw foods will help you avoid hunger and recover health points later.

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