What are the evil villagers in Minecraft?

They spawn in the dark, in swamp huts, during raids, and when lightning strikes villagers. Despite her having large noses and taller heads, the witch is not considered to be either a sick person or a villager.

What are looters afraid of?

Minecraft villager types:

Zombie villager spawns when a zombie kills a villager. Zombie villagers can also spawn with zombie villages and igloos. In which they take the place of ordinary villagers. And if you want to heal a zombie villager, throw a potion of weakness on a zombified villager and then feed him a golden apple to turn him back into a human.

Illagers are also known as Evil Villagers. The aggressor is a hostile mob. They are considered marginalized villagers. The spawning place of these villagers is the Woodland mansion. The mansion is a large and rare structure in the game. These mansions are the main headquarters of the illager villagers. There are four variants of villager illager, Pillager, Vindicator, Evoker, and Illusioner.

Where to find and defeat Looters Outposts in Minecraft

Before you go in search of Looters Outposts, it is highly recommended that you get better weapons and armor. At the very least, you should be wearing pieces of iron armor to protect yourself. If you have Diamond or Netherite with enchantments, the process will be much easier. Also, carry some food or healing potions with you to keep you alive if they start taking too many hits. A bucket of milk to get rid of the Ominous effect when killing Pillager Captains might be nice to have too.

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Looters outposts can appear in any biome where a village can spawn. Remember that seeing a small group of looters around doesn’t mean there’s an outpost nearby. There is a 300 block radius that the outpost can spawn near the village, though finding a village does not guarantee a pillaging outpost will spawn.

How to install:

Visit the following link for complete instructions: How to download and install

data packs for Minecraft 1.18.1, 1.17.1

Location and spawn

Minecraft raid captain (image via. Quora)

  • A Minecraft Illager Captain will always appear in an illager patrol, which is a group of illagers that walk around the Overworld. The captain can be a crossbow-wielding Looter or an axe-wielding Vindicator.
  • They will also spawn during Raids in the party and can even spawn on the Ravager in this scenario. After being killed in this, other Raid Looters will rush in to pick up the dropped banner.
  • Pillage Outposts also have a chance to spawn Illager Captains who are always pillage.
  • Woodland Mansions also have a chance to spawn this mob.

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