What are the blue fairy things in Minecraft?

Minecraft Live 2021 is coming and with it are teasing new features for fans to vote on. The second mob teased is Minecraft’s allay mob, which can help you automatically grab items for you.

Copper Golem, Allay, Glare –

There are three potential new mobs to vote for in Minecraft Mob Vote 2021: Copper Golem, Allay and Glare. The first of the three is a lovely pure copper helper. Unfortunately, he eventually oxidizes and turns into a statue, and I’d rather not think too much about the implications of a semi-sentient being forever frozen in place. What the golem does is press copper buttons (which will be added to the game if the golem wins the vote). In other words, you can use it to remotely trigger traps and whatnot, among other things.

The second mob you can vote for is the Allay. It’s another adorable creature that looks like a blue fairy. She loves music, and dance, and therefore notepads too. What does she do? well, if you give her an item, she’ll shut down and pick up more of the same item and drop them in a nearby notepad. She imagines the grinding time this will save you.

Minecraft 1.11 New Blocks

Shulker Box – This is a new type of chest made using a regular chest and two Shulker shells (placed above and below the chest) . They’re pretty cool since they can be dyed different colors and come with a cool opening animation, but what’s really great about these is that they hold their content when broken. Then place a shulker box, fill it with trash, break it, and then collect the resulting shulker box. It will only take up one slot in your inventory, but it will still carry all your stuff. When you place it again, you can access all your assets normally.

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New Biomes

The Wild Update introduces two new biomes with radically different atmospheres. The first is the deep dark, an area that can only be found far underground. To reach it, players will have to dig past the base of a cave until they reach a completely silent area. Deep Darkness is the only place to find the new sculk blocks, which can only be mined with a touch of silk. The cave’s noise reduction and the presence of a shrieker, a creature that lets out a piercing scream, will work together to create a creepy, horror-inspired atmosphere.

The other new biome is the mangrove swamp, an area similar to the existing swamp biome. The mangrove swamp features large mangrove trees, which contain a new type of wood block. Mangrove trees also have extensive root networks and grow from low, wet areas that are common in swamps. Swamps are a great place to create the new mud block, made by combining earth and water.

Where to find allays and its use in Minecraft

Allays are the newest mobs that are added to Minecraft 1.19 and these little blue fairies are hard to catch. Here we will see where to find Allays and their use in Minecraft.

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