What are the 5 rarest structures in Minecraft?

Too rare for my liking, but if you have one close enough, you’re good to go for a while. To reach the only loot chest, you will often have to defeat several looters.

Swamp Hut

Swamp Huts spawn naturally in Swamp Biomes, a grim-looking biome with swampy terrain flooded with murky water. This tiny wooden cabin will only house a witch along with a black cat. Once the player approaches the swamp hut, the witch will instantly become hostile and start attacking. And unlike most structures in Minecraft, the Swamp Hut doesn’t spawn any chests, but instead counts the crafting table and empty cauldron as “loot” for players to obtain. In the bedrock edition, the cauldron will have a chance to hold a random potion inside it in random amounts.

The igloo is a small round structure that only spawns in snowy tundra, snowy taiga, and snowy slope biomes. This ice-like structure is made up of blocks of snow, sheltering a white carpeted interior with a bed, furnace, workbench, and a Redstone torch as a light source. Typically, the interior of the igloo is uninteresting to players at first glance, but the secret is under the carpet as it hides a hidden trap door that leads to a small underground dungeon. The big problem is that only 50% of the igloos that spawn in the overworld have a chance to spawn a basement. This basement contains a villager and a zombie, both of whom are held captive behind iron bars that replicate a prison cell. Also contains a beer stall with a sprinkled potion of weakness and a chest with a golden apple to heal the zombie villager.

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Woodland Dwellings

Woodland Dwellings in Minecraft are one of the best and most interesting structures ever. They are massive buildings usually built with dark oak wood and a cobblestone foundation. The facility has 3 floors filled with numerous rooms containing chests. Loot includes name tags, diamond armor, and even music records. While a few rooms are visible, some are also hidden. Woodland mansions are inhabited by Summoners and Avengers. The facility is usually found in dark forest biomes, likely thousands of blocks away from the player’s spawn point.

Fossils are one of the coolest structures in Minecraft and are quite rare to come across on the map. It is a rare skeletal structure made of bone blocks, coal ore, and diamond ore. The structure spawns very rarely, but every time it does, it’s huge. It has 4 types of skulls and 4 types of thorns, with the largest containing 120 bone blocks and 120 coal blocks.

Dragon egg

Dragon egg (image via. minecraftforum.net)

This is the rarest item in the game, as players can only find one in their world. This is the Egg that only appears after the first time players defeat the Ender Dragon. This cannot spawn a second time and has no practical use other than decoration. However, its spawn makes it the number one rarest item in Minecraft!

What is the most useless thing in Minecraft?

5 extremely useless Minecraft items

  • #5 – Golden hoe. Image via Minecraft. Since Gold Hoes have some utility, they’re number five on this list. …
  • #4 – Clock. Image via Minecraft. …
  • #3 – Poisonous potato. Image via Minecraft. …
  • #2 – Sponge. Image via Minecraft. …
  • #1 – Dead bush. Image via Minecraft.
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