What are the 3 rarest things in Minecraft?


Minecraft has some rare items and some boring ones, so let’s find out which one is the rarest

Among the rarest items is the Nether Star. The Nether Star can only be obtained by killing the Wither. Also, Wither has 150 hearts, making him very hard to kill. To kill the cross, you must first spawn it. To spawn a Wither, you need 3 Wither Skeleton skulls and 4 soul sand. Getting soul sand is easy, but getting wither skulls is hard. To get Withered Skulls you have to kill Withered Skeletons and they only spawn in Fortress. Also, they only have a 5.5%‌ chance to drop from loot 3.

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Mob Heads are items that drop with the shape of a mob’s head and is not available to find anywhere in the world, such as chests and treasure chests. However, there is only one method to obtain it and that is to make a charged vine explode near the mob you want a head of.

However, there are two rare mobs that can only spawn on rare occasions. These are the Wither Skeleton heads that rarely drop when players kill Wither Skeleton. Another is the Ender Dragon head, which can only be found on the front of an End Ship that has a rare chance to spawn an End City.


Elytra are probably one of the most popular items in the game that every player wants to get their hands on, as they can only can be obtained during the endgame. Elytra are extremely rare, as it is probably the hardest item to find in the first place.

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To obtain the elytra, players must find a fortress, enter the final portal to travel to the final, defeat the final dragon, travel to the outer final islands, Avoid all the enderman mobs, locate a final city and get on the final ship on top of the final city.

Did you know?

The Heart of the Sea’s sole purpose is to craft the Conduit, which is an underwater beacon that attacks hostile mobs underwater and provides water breathing, night vision, and haste to players swimming nearby.

The Totem of Immortality is an extremely useful item, but quite rare. Technically, Minecraft lists the Totem of Undying with a rare rarity, however Woodland Mansions are hard to find. Woodland Mansions spawn tens of thousands of blocks away from the spawn point and only in Dark Forests or Dark Forest Hills. However, if a player can find a Woodland Mansion, killing an Evoker (Woodland Mansion enemies) will always result in a Totem of the Undying drop. Evokers also appear in raids in wave 5 and above. Once a Totem of Undying is used, it is destroyed and the player must obtain another.

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