What are the 3 rarest mobs in Minecraft?



Jockey mobs

Jockeys are one of the rare neutral mobs in Minecraft. They mostly ride on top of another mob. Minecraft has five different jockey mobs: Skeleton Jockey, Spider Jockey, Chicken Jockey, Strider Jockey, and Ravager Jockey. You can separate them unless one of the mob dies in the game.

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Leucistic (pink)

Leucistic (pink) Axolotls are the variants of axolotls in the game Minecraft. You will find this rare axolotl in your Minecraft world. You will also be able to breed and fight with your axolotl. Let’s learn how rare this Minecraft axolotl is and how to get this name for your game.

Leucistic (pink) axolotls are pink in color. You can find these axolotls in your Minecraft world. Leucistic axolotls are translucent and usually come with shiny gold specks. There are many other things you should know about leucistic (pink) axolotls in Minecraft. Let’s find out those things.


This is another mob that cannot be found easily. That’s because they are found in the rarest biomes in Minecraft, the jungle biome. These mobs have a 20% chance to spawn and can be found in groups. Once you tame and recruit them, the parrot mobs will sit on your shoulder. You can refer to our detailed guide on how to breed and tame parrots for more information.

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Evoker is an Illager type of mob that is quite hostile. While these mobs are extremely dangerous, you can kill them for a drop. While killing this mob you can get a Totem of Undying as a drop. Evokers often appear in Woodland mansions and in different raids. If you’re having trouble finding these mobs or the Totem, check out our guide on how to get the Totem of Immortality.

Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horse The name of this creature defines its appearance. This is a skeleton of a horse that is alive for some reason in the game. This map variant is also too rare to find the same as Axolotls. One can use the Skeleton Horse to travel a lot in a short period. The reason for the short period is that these mobs are very fast. It’s too hard to ride these skeletal horses.

Brown Mushrooms

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