What are the 13 types of villagers?

A complete list of villages and looting emplacement blocks and their corresponding inhabitants below:

  • Gunsmith: blast furnace
  • Butcher: smoker
  • Cartographer: Cartographic table
  • Cleric: beer counter
  • Farmer: composer
  • Fisherman: Barrel
  • Fletcher: Fletching Table
  • Tanner: Cauldron
  • Librarian: Lectern
  • Bricklayer: stonecutter
  • Shepherd: Loom
  • Blacksmith: Blacksmith’s table
  • Gunsmith: grindstone

5 Lectern:

Lectern one of the key blocks for the Librarian profession, which offers enchanted books. Lectern usually found in the village library, but can be crafted using 1 bookcase and 4 wooden slabs of any type in a 3×3 grid.

All villager jobs and what they do

There are three categories of adult villagers in Minecraft, which directly affect how they receive jobs:

  • Nitwits – The job of the stupid is essentially to be useless. Unlike other villagers, cretins cannot change jobs. You can easily differentiate the Nitwits from the rest of the villagers by their green tunics. While jerks provide no labor value, they can still reproduce.
  • Unemployed – They don’t have a job but can find one in the Minecraft village. These villagers wander around looking for a block to reclaim. To provide a job to an unemployed villager, you need to create a block of services and move it next to them.
  • Employees: They are actively involved in providing different services in the Minecraft village. The employed are further classified into 13 different jobs. A villager who is employed but has not traded with the player can also be made unemployed by breaking their utility block.


Need a new armor but don’t want to create it yourself and have too many emeralds in your pocket? Check out the armorsmith. With his metal visor, he stands in front of his blast furnace, which can be crafted from iron ingots, polished stones and a furnace, and forges iron. He mainly deals in iron armor, chains or diamonds if you give him emeralds. Of course, if you give him coal, iron ingots, lava buckets or diamonds, he will not miss the opportunity to give you emeralds.

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The Minecraft butcher wears a prominent red sash and dressing gown as he goes about his work at his smoker. This can also be accomplished quickly by combining logs and an oven in the right combination. Later, you can exchange different types of raw meat, coal, or even sweet berries for emeralds and different foods. Therefore, give him lots of raw meat to level him up before you can possibly give him sweet berries, because these are only possible at master level.


Farmers can sell food and ingredients, including apples, pies, cookies, pies, and stew. Higher tier farmers can also offer glistening melon slices and golden carrots. You can trade grain or emeralds with farmers. To create a farmer in a village, place a compost bin next to an unemployed villager.

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