What are some Minecraft Secrets?

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Minecraft tips

How to for many other types of games, strategy is key. One great thing about Minecraft, however, is that there’s no one way to eat this particular Reese. There are various strategies and it’s best to try different ones and figure out which one is best for you. In many cases, it’s not so much a matter of strategy as priority or style of play. However, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll continue to use the strategy throughout the remainder of this discussion.

I’ll go over some helpful tips and strategies, let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas.

Minecraft’s Greatest Mysteries: Where Do Structures Come From

Some buildings that can be found in Minecraft have logical explanations behind their existence. Witch huts are most likely built by witches and villagers are probably responsible for building the villages. But other structures appear to have been long abandoned by the time Minecraft players stumble upon them, with no clues as to who built them or why. Desert temples, which often contain large amounts of treasure at the cost of being rigged with TNT, offer no explanation as to who rigged the trap. And strongholds, which serve as the only place players can access Minecraft’s End Portal, are just as mysterious. Fans are still trying to solve the riddle of who or what is responsible for creating these structures.

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Even the bonfire can cook food 

Many people don’t know they can cook on a bonfire. In fact, you can cook up to four different dishes at the same time! You can cook meat, potatoes and just about anything else in a furnace. Simply place the meal in the corner of the campfire and wait for it to cook. Food will spring from the fire when it is ready and is properly prepared. This way you will avoid having to build a furnace and look for coal or wood. If you have a lot of food to cook in survival then just create a lot of bonfires and you will always have enough food to keep going.

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