What are Endermen scared of in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Enderman is easy to find in the overworld as they have a home in the overworld. To find this Enderman in the overworld, build a platform from which you will be able to see distant distances. The platform can be 20 blocks high and the shapes are rectangular and the order should be 11×11. Then watch the area to find an enderman.

How to spawn Enderman in Minecraft?

Enderman spawns himself in Minecraft. There is no other way to get them, and players cannot control the spawning of these creatures in Minecraft.

More importantly, Endermen, while spawning in all three worlds, are not common in all places within that world.

What else do the Endermen hate?

Endermen don’t like it when it rains. They will run away and most likely you will never see him again. Don’t go hunting for Endermen in the rain as you will never find one out in the rain. They also hate fire. If you have Fire Aspect on your sword, it will help you defeat them much faster.

If you have some sort of lava moat around your house, try to lure them in. They will be set on fire and it will make your life easier by defeating them faster. Of course, if you build a tower that’s 3 blocks tall, they can’t hit you. Mix these 2 things together and you won’t have any problems with them. If you try to lure the Enderman into the moat, just try not to fall as you will lose your items.

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Why does the Enderman have TNT even if you haven’t put any?

Sometimes, and this is a very rare chance of about 1%, Endermen will spawn with a TNT in hand. So you won’t have to place a TNT for them to become a hazard and explosive threat to you.

The way TNT works with them is that they will run at you, like they do, and the TNT will only activate in your vicinity. So they will not only damage you, but also blow you up!

Ranged attacks are useless

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Defeating an Enderman when he is already charging at you could be a scary battle. Also, it’s useless to damage them from a distance since ranged attacks have no effect on them.

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