the end portal how to make

How to make THE END portal in Minecraft?

Learn quickly how to make the END portal in Minecraft, in Survival and Creative mode to be able to access The End and enjoy the end of the game To access the end of the game in the adventure, it is necessary to enter the Portal do Fim, which is usually found in specific places and can only occur in some aspects. Learn how to make the END Portal in Minecraft and other tips. The END portal is nothing more than the passage to The End, a parallel dimension within the world of Minecraft, which gives access to the end

map in minecraft

How to make a map in Minecraft ?

It is very important to have a map in Minecraft and to know how to make a map in Minecraft, it will be very useful so you don’t get lost. In this article we will teach you how to create a map in Minecraft. The game map is an element that is used to record and later visualize the land explored by the player. For all these reasons, it is very useful to know how to make a map in Minecraft. Note that you can find ready-made maps in shipwreck and fortress libraries. They can be found in some places

enchantment table minecraft

How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft?

In this article you will learn everything you need to build an enchantment table in Minecraft and you will also know how to differentiate it from an ordinary work table, also widely used in the game. Minecraft allows you to create multiple tables and benches, for different tasks. The first thing that the user must create, usually, is the workbench, which is used to develop tools and other useful elements. The enchantment table is different and comes later, for example, acting as a resource to modify weapons and armor, making them magical. The ideal is to know the correct order

diamonds minecraft

How to find diamonds in Minecraft?

In this article you will know the best places to find diamonds in Minecraft and with them forge weapons and special objects. Diamonds are some of the rarest items in Minecraft and are only found in the wild or in chests, scattered throughout the game. With diamonds, the user can forge more resistant weapons, elements and armor, in addition to creating the enchantment table and being able to produce magic items, with extra benefits. Diamonds in Minecraft are in nature or in chests scattered around the map, but everything is based on random luck, you cannot create them. Mine shaft

how to create an anvil in minecraft

How to make an anvil in Minecraft?

What is an anvil for? Whether it is to fix or improve elements, knowing how to make an anvil in Minecraft will be of great help in the game. The anvil can be used to repair your damaged items, combine equipment with enchantments, and also change the name of your item. In this article you will discover how to make an anvil in Minecraft to improve your equipment in the game. Repair Item – Combine your damaged items with matching materials (25% recovery for each material combined) Rename: By placing your equipment on the anvil it is possible to change

how to stop rain minecraft

How to remove the rain in Minecraft?

Does the noise of the rain bother you? Learn how to remove the rain in Minecraft, using simple commands. It is very useful to know how to remove the rain in Minecraft. Rain in the game is a random phenomenon that can occur in almost all areas of the game. Naturally, rain appears in almost all regions of the open universe, except in deserts and savannas, which are naturally dry. Snow can appear in taigas and tundras. The durations vary between half a day and a full day. Sleeping in bed causes climate change and can be done at any

firework minecraft

How to make fireworks in Minecraft?

In this article you will learn how to make fireworks in Minecraft either for visual effects, propulsion or ammunition. The definition is very simple: they are items when they are in the inventory or entities when they are placed in the Minecraft world. In this article you will understand how to make fireworks in Minecraft and the behavior of these artifacts within the game universe. -Launching fireworks (over blocks, ejectors that allow directing, beasts); -Flying with Elitro (used in the hand accelerates the flight speed); -Crossbow (used as explosive ammunition); -For propulsion, should not be used with pyrotechnic stars (causes

TNT minecraft

How to make TNT in Minecraft?

In this article learn how to make TNT in Minecraft. We have listed everything you need to know about explosives, which speed up your mining. The objective is the same as in the real world and making TNT in Minecraft will help you to perform controlled explosions. With a radius of 7 blocks, TNT explodes almost everything in its path. Remember that it will not work against matrix rock, obsidian, and liquids. TNT can be ignited with fire or energized with Redstone. When started, it takes 4 seconds to detonate. Be aware that nearby large TNT blasts will knock your

how to change your username minecraft

How to change username in Minecraft?

Want to change the Minecraft username? Here’s how to change the name in Minecraft. Minecraft is a success, whether you like the building block game or not, and when you entered the game for the first time you have put a totally random name and now you don’t like it. The game has been popular since its testing days, and at that time, many people created random nicknames to explore the world. The almost constant problem of who creates usernames, on impulse, is almost always regretting later and wanting to change. Sometimes you can’t change your username in Minecraft, but

Learn to make a torch in Minecraft

How to make a torch in Minecraft?

  Learn to make a torch in Minecraft; it is a simple task, but can easily be overlooked. This item will help you defend yourself against creatures. The torch is one of the most basic elements of the Minecraft world, which has been around almost since the game was created. Making a torch in the game is not complicated. In fact, it is one of the first elements that you must create, since they serve to illuminate caves and also to scare away monsters that appear at nightfall. As in the real world, the torch is a small piece of