To have your server Aternos connected permanently, twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week follow this tutorial, in which we will teach you how to do it through a Bot. 1- The first thing you must do is to open your internet browser and download the Bot called “AFK”, which will allow you to have our server active twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in the following button: 2- After downloading, open the folder called Afk and in it you will see a file called “config.json” in which you must right click and open with the

How to Skip Aternos Wait time for Free?

It is really annoying that when you want to start a server on Aternos and click on the “Start” button, the time it takes to connect is too long, in this tutorial we will show you how to eliminate this waiting time when connecting to Aternos servers. The way we will eliminate this timeout is by using a free VPN. By installing a VPN, what we will do is simulate that we are connecting from a country other than our own. The free VPN we will be using is ProtonVPN, and you can download it from its official site by

How to get Proximity Voice Chat on Aternos? 1.18.1

We will quickly show you how to have the voice chat activated on your Aternos server. This plugin allows you to communicate with your friends within the server, but only when they approach you, as it is activated by the proximity of a player with another. 1- The first thing you must do is enter Aternos and create your server or simply enter it if you already have it created. 2- Then inside Aternos you must go to the section called “Software“, and click on “Paper/Bukkit“. Now choose version 1.18.1, which is the best updated and stable version to install

How to have a Pet Warden?

Having a Warden as a pet is not as complicated as it may seem, although you must follow this tutorial step by step to catch it and prevent it from disappearing. The first thing you must do to have a Warden as a pet is to find an ancient city. The structures of the Ancient City appear in the Deep Dark biome. The second step is to do two things, take a catalyst and take a Shriekers. You need an enchanted hoe with silk touch to take these blocks. With one of the blocks (Shriekers) we will call the Warden

How to make a Skyblock server with Aternos?

In this tutorial I will show you how to install a plugin on your server that will allow you to have a “Skyblock” to play with your friends in Aternos. The first step is to enter the Aternos page in your browser and once inside the left menu look for the Software icon. Inside Software go to the “Spigot/Bukkit” section. Among all the versions of Minecraft that will be deployed, I recommend you to use 1.16.5 to play Skyblock, then just click on the install button in the right corner and it will be added to your server. The second

ATERNOS Minecraft Commands

In this tutorial we will not only show you how to type commands in Aternos for Minecraft, we will also show you the commands that are available for Aternos and their functions. We will also show you how to maintain your inventory in Aternos and how to set the game mode to creative in Minecraft. 1- The first step to enter commands in Aternos is to open the Aternos web page in browser and go to “Console” which can be found in the left menu, where you will see a screen like the following: 2– Inside “Console” you must write

How to get DREAM Manhunt on Aternos?

In this tutorial we will show you how to get the Dream Manhunt, which is used by the youtuber Dream. This is a plugin that you can install on your server, in which you have killers, hunters and you also have the speedrunner. The objective of Dream Manhunt is that the player can run at full speed in the game while the hunters try to kill him. If you want to know how to download this Manhunt plugin in Aternos just follow the steps in this tutorial. I have the dream death swap plugin ready to be filmed as well

How to Block XRAY on your Server? (Without plugins)

Welcome in this tutorial we will show you how to block the use of XRAY inside your server. The XRAY allows users to know where exactly the minerals are and helps them to get them in a very fast way, so this kind of trap is very necessary to avoid it in a Survival server. What the Anti Xray that I will show you here does, is to replace the stone blocks with random minerals. These minerals that are replaced are fake and disappear as users break nearby blocks. What this does is to completely cover the real minerals and

How to Upload a World to Aternos?

In this tutorial we will be showing you in simple steps how to upload a world to your Aternos server, so you can play it with your friends. The first step we must take is to enter Minecraft and in “Singleplayer” mode create a new world and save it with a name we remember. After we enter the world to save it simply go to the “Game Menu” and then you must click on the “Save and Quit to Title” button. Save everything and exit Minecraft. The second step is to go to our Windows start bar and open the

How to Add Mods on Aternos?

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to quickly add mods to your Aternos server for Minecraft. This works for Minecraft Java Edition and TLauncher. Install mods on Aternos servers so you can use them on your own server is very easy, for this you need to have downloaded TLauncher that if you don’t have it yet, we leave it in the following button, so you can download it from its official site. 1- After downloading TLauncher, all you have to do is log in to Aternos, or in case you are not registered, register for free