How to make map markers in minecraft bedrock (without mods)?

To make minecraft map markers it is necessary to know a little more about this excellent game that fills the downloads of users today. This application is an open world video game in which we can build and design fantastic environments and universes with mines. This great tool was created by Markus Persson and developed by the company Mojang Studios. Its purpose is to build the cities and objects to be used through the exact placement of blocks and their destruction. Minecraft is ideal for making the world you dream of for your amusement. One of the most important feats

How to view coordinates in Minecraft (Java, Windows 10, and Bedrock)

Coordinates are essential in Minecraft because they tell you where you are or where you have been and in this article we will show you how to display the coordinates in Minecraft in Java, Windows 10, and Bedrock. It is important for you to know that the coordinates in Minecraft are shown with the letters X, Y, and Z. Each of these letters (X, Y, and Z) represents the distance to the origin point. Each of the letters means the following: X: indicates the player’s distance east (positive) or west (negative) of the origin point (longitude). Y: indicates how high

GAMES folder does not appear Minecraft Pe (Android) SOLUTION

If you have an Android phone and in Minecraft PE 1.18, the GAMES folder does not appear, in this article we bring you the solution, because in Minecraft PE 1.18, the games folder has been moved. Attention: if the games folder appears on your mobile device, but it is empty, you must first delete Minecraft, reinstall it and then follow these steps. First Method: 1- Enter Minecraft on your mobile device, and press the PLAY button. In the WORLDS tab, where it says “File Storage Location“, you must press “Application” and change it to “External“: After you have changed the

Minecraft Composter: All about this agriculture block

The composter is an agricultural block that was added to Minecraft in version 1.14 and whose function is to recycle food, fruits, vegetables from trees and plants. The recycling of these elements in the composter will allow us to get bone dust, or bone meal, through the composting of organic matter. The composters can interact with the hoppers, for example, if we place a hopper under a composter, the hopper will collect the bone dust or bone meal from the composter. To make a composter in Minecraft we will need seven wooden slabs, of any type or color. If we

How to get all the Music Discs in Minecraft ?

Currently in Minecraft there are 15 music discs that can be added to a Jukebox to play their tunes. The composer of the melodies of the Minecraft discs is Daniel Rosenfeld, known by his nickname, C418. Since the first versions, i.e. the Alpha versions, several discs have been added, which play from cheerful and pleasant songs to dark and terrifying songs. The 15 Minecraft discs have the following names: 13 The first disc is simply called 13 and has the following characteristics: Song Length: 2 minutes 58 seconds. Redstone Output Power: 1 Namespace ID: music_disc_13 Numeric ID: 500 Cat The

How to find the Entity Zero in Minecraft? – Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b

Since the first versions of Minecraft Alpha, the game developers were already talking about creating an enemy strong enough to face the players, which was superior in resistance and damage to the existing creatures, achieving it without looking for it in Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b. The creation of this project was given the name “Annihilation” and they started writing the code but they never finished all the characteristics of this creature, they added some characteristics of behaviors and artificial intelligence based on the zombies adapting it with the Enderman. However the Annihilation project was left unfinished and of course also the

How to fix Exit Code 1 Error in Minecraft? (Exit Code -1)

In this article we will show you how to solve the problem Exit Code 1 or Exit Code -1. 1- The first thing to do is to open the RUN program in Windows, to do this we use the keyboard shortcut Win + R and type the following “%AppData%“, without quotation marks, as shown in the following image: 2- A new folder will open in which you will have to look for and eliminate the folder named “.minecraft” or in other cases if you do not have this folder you will have to eliminate the folder “.tlauncher”. After deleting the

How to summon Vll r in Minecraft?

In this article we will show you how to find the Vll r entity in Minecraft and we will leave you the download link to truly find the cursed villager although we warn you that it is scary. You will definitely realize that you will be getting to find the Vll r entity when the world suddenly goes dark suddenly changing from day to night suddenly and vice versa. The cursed villager will also try to communicate with you in strange indecipherable messages. To find the entity you must find the village, as from this point on creepy things start

How to make a portal to the Sky Dimension?

In minecraft without mods there are only 3 dimensions, Overworld, Nether and End.The sky dimension in Minecraft, although it has been thought to implement in its Vanilla version, this never happened. The sky dimension was supposed to be a “dream world”, but Notch decided to make things “more interesting” by changing it to what we now know as The End. In vanilla Minecraft (Minecraft without mods) there is no “sky” or “ether” dimension. Here we will provide you with different mods so that you can access the sky dimension in the proper way. If you are looking for a dimension


Here you will learn how to summon and pet the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Minecraft. You have to know that summoning a horseman of the apocalypse has a low probability of success, since that is what the game programmers wanted, and therefore has a very strong component of chance. The first thing you need to summon the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Minecraft is to have a skeleton horse, but not just any skeleton horse, you need a trap skeleton horse. The skeleton trap horse differs from the common skeleton horse in that the first one, when